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The UFO Phenomenon

UFO expert returns to Scotland's UFO capital

April 27, 2021 | Comment icon 0 comments

Why were there so many sightings here ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 PaulT (Gunther Tschuch)
Malcom Robinson, who investigated a spate of UFO sightings in the 1990s, is still keen to solve the mystery.
An investigator of all things paranormal and unexplained, Robinson, along with local councillor Billy Buchanan, made headline news in the region back in the 90s after they appealed to the British government to launch a probe into exactly what was behind the UFO sightings in the area.

The phenomenon, which centered on Bonnybridge, became known as the Falkirk Triangle.

The earliest sighting during this period was reported in 1992 by local businessman James Walker who had been driving between Falkirk and Bonnybridge when he was stopped by a mysterious, luminous star-shaped object that was hovering in the middle of the road.

The encounter ended when the object flew off at "incredible speed".

In the months and years that followed, hundreds of UFO sightings were reported in the region, including accounts of alien abductions and people being 'buzzed' by strange objects in their cars.

Now Robinson is back and this time he intends to solve the mystery once and for all.
"People have heard I'm back and we're already getting in UFO reports from Falkirk and Grangemouth," he said.

"Once Covid moves away and we can get out more to different locations, our aim is to look at all these new sightings, hold public meetings and of course look at Bonnybridge."

"It's exciting times and we're looking forward to getting on with our investigations again."

As things stand, no definitive explanation for the sightings in the area has ever been found.

"Bonnybridge is a hot spot or window area that seems to attract a higher concentration of UFO reports than anywhere else," said Robinson.

"The million dollar question is why ?"

Source: Daily Record | Comments (0)

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