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Woman believes that she has been cursed by 'goblin' trinket

By T.K. Randall
December 22, 2021 · Comment icon 15 comments

Who did this pot previously belong to ? Image Credit: Twitter / @GINATONIC
Georgina Jones got more than she bargained for when she bought a 'cute' ornament from a charity shop.
Georgina had been on a day trip recently when she spotted what she initially believed to be a simple ornament in a charity shop - a small porcelain pot with the word 'goblin' written on it.

It wasn't until she examined the ornament more closely upon returning home however that the significance of her purchase became apparent.

When she opened it - to her horror - she found what appeared to be human ashes inside it.

After posting her story on Twitter, she now believes that she has been cursed by the object.

"Oh my GOD I just bought this little trinket in a charity shop [because] it made me laugh it said goblin on it (there was a merlin too) and I've just opened it and there's ****ing ASHES INSIDE," she wrote.
"That's it I'm cursed for life now aren't I."

In all likelihood, the pot had been recovered from a home clear-out and taken to the charity shop to sell on.

Whoever had put it up for sale seemingly hadn't checked inside it first.

Unfortunately Georgina has been unable to return the item because she doesn't live in the area.

"So you need to make finding out who these ashes belong to your life's work now..." one of her followers wrote on Twitter in response to her story.

As things stand, the identity of the previous owner remains a total mystery.

Source: Mirror | Comments (15)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #6 Posted by susieice 2 years ago
I'll guess it's the remains of someone's cat. Merlin is probably a cat too. Good thing she didn't buy both of them.
Comment icon #7 Posted by jethrofloyd 2 years ago
It's Stephen King's goblin from a time when he wrote Pet Sematary. 
Comment icon #8 Posted by acute 2 years ago
This. I vote for cat. The easiest way to find out is to taste the ashes.  If they don't resemble charred fish, it's a dog.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Tatetopa 2 years ago
Think of it as training exercises in dull times to keep human systems alert and fully operational in case of actual need.  Some people just get a little carried away.
Comment icon #10 Posted by quiXilver 2 years ago
That is a stunningly beneficial redefinition of that behavior.  Thank you!  You Sir, have given me a real gift.  Something I can use in my daily life that will bring me much needed compassion for folks I observe (indluding myself) in the moment when I observe it.
Comment icon #11 Posted by XenoFish 2 years ago
So they found Uncle Goblin's ashes. 
Comment icon #12 Posted by Tom1200 2 years ago
As reported by 'The Daily Mirror', that illustrious font of knowledge and wisdom.  And how did the gullible, weak-minded lady initially report her Carteresque discovery?  Twitter!  How very 2020.  Her agent ought to tell her that the modern way to promulgate interminable woo is through TicToc, followed up by a feature on LadBible.  Then we all might take her a bit more seriously. Time to dust off the PapaSmurf-ometer of Gently Telling Fruitcakes They're Wrong (PoGTFTW - I'm still working on the acronym): Did any of this even happen, ever?    23% Would this anaesthetising story suddenly... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by Essan 2 years ago
This is actually how tabloid media get a lot of their stories these days - journalists trawl social media looking for comments that can be made up into "human interest" stories to fill the pages.   In some cases, people aren't even aware that the strange/silly./embarassing story they related to what they thought was just a handful of friends is going to be on page 3 ...
Comment icon #14 Posted by moonman 2 years ago
Pet ashes, no curse, stupid all around
Comment icon #15 Posted by Joke_Master_Mandy 2 years ago
Thrifting is heckin' wild sometimes.

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