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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Man sues psychic over ex-girlfriend's 'curse'

10-6-2021 | 10

A man in the US is suing a psychic who he claims had failed to remove a curse put on his marriage by a witch.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Man finds creepy doll boarded up under stairs

9-20-2021 | 4

A primary school teacher in Liverpool, England found something decidedly creepy hidden in his new home.

Ancient Mysteries

'Magic' jar bore deadly curse in ancient Athens

5-31-2021 | 0

Archaeologists have discovered a jar that was once used to bestow a deadly curse on 55 people.

Modern Mysteries

Druids called in to reverse ancient Irish 'curse'

11-10-2020 | 5

An Irish farmer who had been plagued by bad luck has blamed a 'curse' caused by a damaged standing stone.

Ancient Mysteries

Tourist returns 'cursed' Pompeii artefacts

10-13-2020 | 1

A woman who blamed stolen artefacts from Pompeii for years of bad luck has returned the items to the site.

Modern Mysteries

'Cursed' rock is returned to Colorado park

7-26-2020 | 7

A rock that was picked up three years ago from a park in Colorado has since been branded 'cursed' by its owner.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Poltergeist' movie curse endures 38 years on

6-5-2020 | 9

On June 4th, 1982, this chilling cult-classic horror movie debuted to cinema audiences for the first time.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Linda Blair speaks out on 'The Exorcist' curse

 VIDEO  4-2-2020 | 16

The former child actress, who starred in the iconic horror film, suffered significant real-life injuries during filming.

Ghosts & Hauntings

3 horror movies that were alleged to be cursed

10-26-2019 | 7

Tragic deaths, strange coincidences and unnerving experiences surrounded these chilling horror classics.


Pastor: 'Harry Potter spells can summon evil'

9-2-2019 | 42

A private Catholic school in Nashville has claimed that the Harry Potter books contain 'actual spells and curses.'

Ghosts & Hauntings

Long-lost 'cursed' film emerges 40 years on

 VIDEO  4-10-2019 | 15

An infamous cinematic project from the late 1970s has resurfaced and will soon be released to the public.

Modern Mysteries

Inuit deaths blamed on shipwreck 'curse'

12-20-2018 | 0

Six unexpected deaths at the remote Arctic settlement of Gjoa Haven have been attributed to a reawakened curse.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Canberra man falls victim to 'curse of Uluru'

5-25-2018 | 61

A man who took home a piece of Australia's famous Ayers Rock believes that he has fallen under its curse.

Modern Mysteries

Is there really a London Olympics 'curse' ?

4-16-2016 | 12

The deaths of 18 athletes who took part in the London 2012 Olympics have sparked rumors of a curse.

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient curses found in 2,400-year-old grave

4-6-2016 | 10

Lead tablets inscribed with powerful curses have been unearthed at a grave site in Athens, Greece.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Was the 1982 movie 'Poltergeist' cursed ?

5-23-2015 | 41

After its release the movie sparked rumors of a curse that was said to have befallen the cast and crew.


'Cursed' coconut seized at Maldives election

9-8-2013 | 19

Police in the Maldives were called in to investigate the 'suspicious' coconut near a polling station.

Modern Mysteries

Hundreds flee 'cursed' army base

8-17-2013 | 17

Up to 200 students have fled from an army base in South Africa after a recent bout of mass hysteria.

Modern Mysteries

French bread spiked in CIA experiment

3-11-2010 | 49

The cursed bread of Pont-Saint-Esprit 50 years ago has turned out to have been a CIA mind control experiment.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Eerie outpost unnerves US Marines

1-2-2010 | 28

Marines stationed at eerie Observation Point Rock in Afghanistan have reported that the place could be haunted. Locals b...

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