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Hiker is stalked for several days by 'Bigfoot' in Oregon

By T.K. Randall
December 23, 2021 · Comment icon 158 comments

The hiker was left terrified and exhausted by their ordeal. Image Credit: PD / RyanMcGuire
An experienced hiker became fearful for their life after being followed by an unidentified creature in the Cascade Mountains.
Does a large, bipedal creature roam the wilds of Oregon ? One hiker certainly seems to think so.

According to a story recently sent to Lon Strickler's website Phantoms and Monsters, the unnamed hiker had been walking for six days when things started to take a rather sinister turn.

"That night is when I heard the howling," they wrote.

"It wasn't wolves or bears or any other animal I had ever heard. This persisted for the next few nights. Eventually 'something' started rummaging through my campsite."

"Naturally, I assumed it was a bear or raccoons."

On the 11th night, however, they awoke to find that their food bag had been cut down and removed, leaving them four days away from civilization with no rations.
"On the 13th night something started throwing rocks at my tent," they wrote. "For some reason I lost it, I screamed into the darkness for whatever it was to leave me alone."

"Then a scream louder and more vicious than any other cut through the night. Then nothing, complete and utter silence again."

The following day, they caught sight of the perpetrator for the first time.

"The 'being' was tall and large, bigger than any man or animal I had ever seen, sliding through the forest not making a noise," the hiker wrote. "I yelled at it. It turned to look at me."

Feeling enraged, the exhausted hiker attempted to chase the creature away by running after it, which fortunately seemed to work as it fled from the scene and did not return.

They eventually made it to safety the following day.

"I truly believe that I had an encounter with a Bigfoot," they wrote. "There is really no other explanation. No man could move as stealthy and as swift through the trees."

Source: Phantoms and Monsters | Comments (158)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #149 Posted by Myles 3 years ago
You know that those shows are entertainment and are not required to be truthful, right?      I'm not claiming they leave stuff out or speak untruths, but they can if they want.  
Comment icon #150 Posted by Myles 3 years ago
I always though that the coincidence was too much for me to believe it.   He draws a female bigfoot for his book.   Then he goes out and finds a female bigfoot that looks just like his drawing.  Only took him 1 day to find exactly what he was looking for.  
Comment icon #151 Posted by the13bats 3 years ago
I enjoyed monster quest when it first aired but the thing i quickly realize was they sure did present as facts information or conclusions from experts that were dead wrong and known to be wrong at the time, For example the plumb island research facility scientist who insisted the dead animal found on a beach and called Montauk monster was a bull dog while by that point the full story of it being a burnt raccoon was proven beyond doubt, All these shows are first and foremost for entertainment if science facts happen its by chance.
Comment icon #152 Posted by the13bats 3 years ago
Another little known piece of trivia, Patterson had spoke with Ray Wallace ( about making tracks and feet ) who was well known for faking tracks, pics etc and sold his junk in a shop, to this day some butthurt true believers claim that wallaces kin made up the story of ray faking stuff for their own agendas, profit, attention, None of the top researchers ever gave walkace any more credibility than they did ivan marx. Expect not a shock meldrum.
Comment icon #153 Posted by CryptoGirl 3 years ago
Too bad he has some beautiful videos of nature. He's a no nonsense kind of guy who doesn't take nothing from anyone but says how it is , he doesn't let people tell him to pick and choose stories either because no one is really an expert in the unknown. That is how it should be with communities dwelling into the unknown because that is all it is until we learn more.
Comment icon #154 Posted by the13bats 3 years ago
Who are you talking about?
Comment icon #155 Posted by Resume 3 years ago
How to Hunt  YouTube guy;  He did hunting campfire stories, then branched out to bigfoot stuff a few years back; stopped watching then.
Comment icon #156 Posted by CryptoGirl 3 years ago
Yeah my link posted is not from How to Hunt its audio claimed to be captured of Bigfoot talking and not just calls either but what sounds like Mortal Combat chatter. Bigfoot talking
Comment icon #157 Posted by the13bats 3 years ago
There are several alleged recordings of BF sounds the problem is not one has proven to be an undiscovered creature and not one has been proven that its not possible its anything else. Like with tracks a few tracks are pretty darn cool but a track cast doesnt prove an unknown whatever made it, we need the foot that fits the track to prove any thing. I come here for fun light hearted entertainment but if and i do not think at this point it will happen bigfoot was proven real it would take a body live or dead or a large body part and it wouldn't get posted here first it would be on mainstream new... [More]
Comment icon #158 Posted by South Alabam 2 years ago
"Taller than any man or animal I have seen."   I'm assuming he has seen a giraffe?

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