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UFO hacker Gary McKinnon shares what he found

By T.K. Randall
June 8, 2022 · Comment icon 42 comments

McKinnon managed to avoid extradition to the US. Image Credit: YouTube / Richard Hall
The 56-year-old made headline news in the early 2000s after he was caught hacking into US government computers.
McKinnon, who suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, became the focus of a trans-Atlantic legal battle when he was caught hacking into NASA files in an effort to find evidence of UFOs.

At the time, the US had wanted to extradite him from the UK to face trial for his crimes - a move which would have likely seen him sentenced to as much as 70 years in prison.

After a great deal of legal wrangling, however, the extradition order was blocked by the UK.

These days McKinnon keeps a low profile, however he does still speak out about what happened and in particular, exactly what it was he found while browsing through sensitive government files.
Speaking to The Sun recently, he described finding thousands of images, including one of a mysterious cigar-shaped 'alien spacecraft'.

"It's a fact that there are objects we don't understand flying around in our skies, it's also a fact that there are scientific, intelligence and military departments that study these objects," he said.

"I was absolutely gobsmacked and those folders had thousands more images."

Due to his slow Internet connection, however, he was unable to download them all.

Source: Lad Bible | Comments (42)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #33 Posted by badeskov 2 years ago
Yeah, sad and pathetic. First of all, the mention of Stephen Greer raised some red flags, but maybe McKinnon didn't have the critical sense to actually realize that, so I read on. So he figured out that building 8 was where he should focus his efforts and apparently was able to view to some incredible images. Yet, he did not save them to his computer or share with anybody. Why not? If he was able to view them he had essentially already downloaded them.  It's a fantasy, made up by someone that got caught hacking and has been trying to make up a story as an excuse for his hacking. Cheers, Bades... [More]
Comment icon #34 Posted by quiXilver 2 years ago
To have a conversation and enjoy a bit of time on it... this is not a mystery mate.  If you don't like it, why are you here?
Comment icon #35 Posted by badeskov 2 years ago
Because I’d like to discuss something of substance and this is not it. McKinnon and especially Greer’s wild fairytales have long been shown to pure and utter bunk. Plain and simple, not worth the bandwidth and time.    So why even post such garbage? Cheers, Badeskov
Comment icon #36 Posted by the13bats 2 years ago
This is an old tale the moment he admitted he lacked proof of his claims i was way bored hes to me a low rent bob lazar type. I really get a bit dumbfounded what some will believe with zero proof. A cat claims to have hacked nasa and seen alien craft, if he saw anything how he determined the craft was alien is a good question but a bit moot since he didnt grab copies of the pics, then you get people who post they saw this or that and when asked cool, share it they vanish, It doesnt leave much worth talking about.
Comment icon #37 Posted by Raptor Witness 2 years ago
I've yet to hear a good explanation for why McKinnon didn't at least save a screen shot or two. I mean, come on .... 
Comment icon #38 Posted by Nutrition Fact 2 years ago
This was 2002 before screen shots existed.  It was simply too much of a hassle to fumble around with MS Paint, even with alien photos on your computer.
Comment icon #39 Posted by Nutrition Fact 2 years ago
Yeah, like, I said some stuff today.  Didnt make any money either.  I feel ripped off.
Comment icon #40 Posted by Nutrition Fact 2 years ago
But there's talk about it, and that is much better than a real photo.
Comment icon #41 Posted by Nutrition Fact 2 years ago
So they tracked him down and found him during the time that he spent in their system and busted him before he got up from his chair?  Thats pretty incredible.
Comment icon #42 Posted by the13bats 2 years ago
Each time i see this thread bumped i come thinking the hacked pic was posted but no.

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