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Son of alleged alien abductee regrets mocking his late father

By T.K. Randall
July 3, 2023 · Comment icon 17 comments

Many alleged abductees have faced ridicule and rejection. Image Credit: Pixabay / KarstenBergmann
Daniel Riedel believes that he should have taken his father's stories about being abducted by aliens more seriously.
When Riedel was growing up, the subject of extraterrestrial visitation was very familiar to him.

His father, Patrick McGuire, had appeared on national television to discuss his alien abduction experiences and had even warned his children about the possibility that they could be next.

At the time, McGuire had become something of a laughing stock in the community and even his own two sons treated his claims as a topic of amusement rather than as something to take seriously.

McGuire, who died back in 2009, claimed to have been abducted numerous times by "5ft hairless beings" or "Star People" and to have witnessed several of their spacecraft in the sky.
He maintained that the strangeness had begun when he discovered mutilated livestock on his farm and later observed several cows being "beamed into the sky".

His claims were typically met with nothing but ridicule and derision.

Fast-forward to the present, however, and now Riedel has had a change of heart - mostly due to recent revelations about UAPs and the US government's investigations of the phenomenon.

"I'm the one who feels ashamed," he wrote.

"How should we address our past mockery and ridicule if it turns out that, hidden in a desert base somewhere, there are indeed crafts, cadavers and photographs of strange visitors?"

Source: Mail Online | Comments (17)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by LightAngel 10 months ago
So he only changed his mind due to recent revelations about UAPs and the US government's investigations of the phenomenon. I guess he can't think for himself - that seems to be the curse of our time! If this really happened to his father then it is very sad that he got mocked - he must have felt so alone. If this didn't happen to his father then it is also sad because you don't mock mentally ill people - you help them get the help they need to get better. I am glad that he has regretted mocking his own father. I hope he has learned an important lesson. When people mock then it is often their o... [More]
Comment icon #9 Posted by Trelane 10 months ago
Just looks like he regrets having a logical mind and not prolonging the story in a means to parlay it into moneymaking.
Comment icon #10 Posted by OverSword 10 months ago
This is sad and his feelings of regret about the way he treated someone that he can longer reconcile with are not something to be mocked. 
Comment icon #11 Posted by Cho Jinn 10 months ago
Psyduck was always my favorite.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Hawken 10 months ago
Would you happen to know a website or maybe you know yourself on how many people worldwide claim alien abduction? The one's I know of are the most popular ones. 1.Betty & Barney Hill 2, Travis Walton 3. Kelly Cahill 4. Whitley Streiber 5. The 4-college students of the Allagash. 6. Linda Porter
Comment icon #13 Posted by Hawken 10 months ago
I bet the Catholic church thought they had logical minds when they thought the planets & sun revolved around the earth.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Trelane 10 months ago
That's funny, I don't remember the Catholic Church talking about extraterrestrial craft. Sure, they talked about angels and such. Another fantastical idea disproven due to science. Science that has shown that intelligent life may be highly unlikely in our galaxy. So yeah, thanks for taking the long way around to prove my point. Anyway, shouldn't you be in another thread with your microwaved ideas about toilet paper and such? Shoo, adults are talking here.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Hawken 10 months ago
According to Micho Kaku, He said it would be arrogant to think humans are the only life in the universe. But I guess it depends on what scientist you listen to. I find it also arrogant to draw conclusions like you said when our species hasn't even had the technology for manned interplanetary travel. Just make observations thru telescopes and satellite data without actually being there.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Trelane 10 months ago
Kaku is a theoretical physicist not an astrobiologist so his comments to me are always taken with a grain of salt. It's like having a librarian discuss the engine work on a vehicle. Sure, they may have some knowledge but it's not their professional area of interest. Disregarding the sensitivity and increasingly powerful instrumentation that has been deployed the last 30 years is a bit foolish. Scientists have learned quite bit about our living universe and its mechanisms during that time due to those various sensors. Through constant observation conclusions can be made. Maybe one day they'll b... [More]
Comment icon #17 Posted by Golden Duck 10 months ago
Well you try and make analogies without even thinking.

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