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Unexplained Mysteries top 10 modern mysteries of 2023

By T.K. Randall
December 31, 2023 · Comment icon 0 comments

Who put this antenna here and why ? Image Credit: Facebook / Salt Lake City Public Lands
Here we take a look back at our most popular general mystery stories from the last twelve months.
From a real-life Jason Bourne to mysterious powder falling from the sky, here are our top 10 most viewed modern mysteries stories of 2023.

Here's also wishing all our visitors a Happy New Year and all the best for 2024!

10. Real-life 'Jason Bourne' still remains a mystery four months on - Police have been attempting to identify a mystery man who turned up in England last year with no recollection of who he was.

9. Mystery antennas keep showing up on hills around Salt Lake City - Authorities have been left baffled by the appearance of several mystery antennas over the last couple of years.

8. Authorities investigate mystery sphere on Japanese beach - A mysterious metal sphere has been the focus of much speculation since it appeared on a beach in Hamamatsu.

7. Scientists solve mystery of Finland's eerie 'Devil's Church' cave - Visitors to Pirunkirkko in Heinola, Finland have often felt the presence of some sort of spirit within the cave.
6. Lost children found alive in rainforest 40 days after plane crash - The children were miraculously found very much alive after a massive search effort spanning more than five weeks.

5. Possible breakthrough in hunt for answers to Amelia Earhart mystery - Researchers have found what could be evidence of Earhart's plane under the sea near Nikumaroro.

4. Did MH370 crash thousands of miles away in the South China Sea ? - One researcher claims to have found evidence to suggest that the doomed flight did not crash where people thought it did.

3. Man discovers two creepy secret doors hidden inside his hotel room - A man who had been staying at a hotel uncovered something rather disturbing at the back of one of the wardrobes.

2. 'Glitch in the Matrix' as dead bird is filmed motionless in mid-air - Multiple witnesses have recorded footage of a bird just lying there in the sky, apparently not attached to anything.

1. Mystery surrounds reports of 'powder' falling from the sky over US - Several Mid-Atlantic states on the East Coast saw reports of a dust-like powder falling from the sky last week.

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