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Anonymous witness of Shag Harbor UFO shares 'death bed confession'

By T.K. Randall
December 30, 2023 · Comment icon 18 comments
Shag Harbor UFO.
The submitted UFO image (left) and Shag Harbor (right). Image Credit: Anonymous / SnowyBadger
The witness, known only as John Doe, was one of several to see a strange object over Canada more than 50 years ago.
The incident, which occurred on October 4, 1967, involved multiple witnesses who saw an unidentified object descend from the sky into the ocean a short distance from Shag Harbour - a small fishing village situated along the Atlantic coastline of Nova Scotia.

When officers arrived at the scene they witnessed the object, which was estimated to be around 18 meters in diameter, floating on the water with its lights still flashing.

It remained visible for some time before disappearing beneath the waves.

Despite extensive efforts by Canadian Navy divers to locate the object on the sea floor, no trace of it was ever found and the incident was ultimately dismissed as unexplained.

Now, more than 56 years later, a witness who had observed the object at the time has contacted Unexplained Mysteries via e-mail to describe his experience.
A photograph (that he presumably captured) of the object, was also included (see above and below).

"This was a large brilliantly lit rectangular shaped object, it came out of the water and ascended into the sky and quickly disappeared. This photograph was taken roughly 30 miles away from Shag Harbour, about a week after the incident started," he wrote.

"As far as I am aware and to the best of my knowledge, NO manmade aircraft or submarines possessing such technology exist? One can clearly see from the photo enlargement that this object has no visible means of propulsion, wings, engines etc, quiet extraordinary and remarkable as to how this object moved and traveled around!"

"I have carried this burden for over 50 years and it is now time to set this free."

A full-size copy of the submitted UFO image can be viewed below.

Comments (18)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #9 Posted by Dejarma 4 months ago
I followed Hitchens long before the Google algorithm days & never came across a loss.. not saying they don't exist but i doubt very much i would have missed one, if i have i'd love to see them.  or is it just your opinion? anyways best leave it before we're moaned at for derailing the thread i guess ?
Comment icon #10 Posted by Portre 4 months ago
I wondered about a 'death bed confession' remaining anonymous. Shag Harbor, sorry, Harbour is not easily explained, with so many contemporaneous eye witness accounts. The photo is interesting with its reflection on the water.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Dejarma 4 months ago
'death bed confessions' only mean something, in the fantasy ufo/ alien world if they're being made by an X 'named' individual of some importance...IMO
Comment icon #12 Posted by Trelane 4 months ago
No, I don't apply my opinions to what I have seen of him. I just recall that he conceded at the conclusion. It was an older video of course.   Oh you're right. How rude of us. Let's leave before that others who do it in every single thread they enter. show up
Comment icon #13 Posted by Shadowsfall 4 months ago
I always found this case very interesting and equally difficult to explain with so many witnesses….but as usual nothing definitively proven one way or the other….
Comment icon #14 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 4 months ago
Shag Harbor is a great UFO case but this photo isn't exactly what I call 'convincing'. 
Comment icon #15 Posted by Guyver 4 months ago
I could be wrong, but something tells me that even a liar might tell the truth on his death bed.  Why lie now?  Yer gonna die.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Resume 4 months ago
You're assuming the reports are correct; in the two examples I provided, the wives rebutted the alleged conversions.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Procyon 4 months ago
I'm honestly inclined to add this to my understanding of the Shag Harbour incident, but the one thing I don't understand is why anyone would wait 50 years to share this evidence. If they'd encountered a being or been abducted, then it might make sense, but this isn't particularly groundbreaking even if it's legitimate. If I'd taken the picture, I'd have been sharing it in every newspaper after the sighting. Government cover-ups and men in black weren't as big of an issue in Canada back then, I don't think.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Trelane 4 months ago
So, Men In Black and govt. cover-ups are a large problem there now?

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