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Viral video shows creepy eye watching through hole in workshop wall

By T.K. Randall
March 31, 2024 · Comment icon 26 comments
Eye in a wall in Mexico.
Who or what is this ? Image Credit: TikTok / @viridianaochoaa
A bizarre video clip recorded at a workshop in Mexico has created quite a stir on social media this month.
Originally posted on TikTok by the user @viridianaochoaa, the footage focuses on a strange hole in the wall of a mechanical workshop situated on Ramon Corona Street in the Mexican city of Saltillo.

The story goes that one of the workers had been going about their daily business when they suddenly felt a very strong sensation of being watched by someone nearby.

Upon investigating, it turned out that the culprit was watching them from a small hole in the wall.

In the clip, a worker can be seen shining a torch at the hole and illuminating what appears to be a creepy eye that is just sitting there staring out at the room from behind the wall.

What's particularly weird is the small space occupied by whoever or whatever is there, coupled with the fact that they don't seem to squint or react in any way to the light shining directly at them.
The workers followed up the video by later explaining that there was no actual access to the space behind the wall and that when they went back there afterward the eye was nowhere to be seen.

Some social media users have suggested that the eye could have belonged to a cat or an owl, while others have dismissed the whole thing as little more than a prank.

Whatever the case, it has certainly proven popular with over 26 million views to date.

You can check out the clip for yourself below.

@viridianaochoaa Que creen que sea😱😱😱 #viral #terror #miedo ♬ Creepy and simple horror background music(1070744) - howlingindicator

Source: El Tiempo | Comments (26)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #17 Posted by Alchopwn 14 days ago
Probably just someone's overly possessive girlfriend making sure her bf isn't having gay sex with his male workmates, while she works on notes to finalize their suicide pact, as a surprise birthday present for him.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats 14 days ago
It doesn't seem to care that it's getting a torch shone in its eye. Surely a cat or an owl would shy away from the light? And if its a sentient lurker, it doesn't care that it's been caught lurking. 
Comment icon #19 Posted by TashaMarie 14 days ago
Whatever it was it blinked when the light was first shone at it.  
Comment icon #20 Posted by the13bats 14 days ago
Okay, a lot of what I posted before about this is now in the trash can, no, i sure do not think it's paranormal. My tablet doesn't like some video and it was hard for me to watch this I see it did blink once which makes this odder to me because the light he has is painful if you are hit in the eye with it yet the thing never blinks again and really doesn't move it kind of looks like it moves because it's in a hole with light and shadow cast moving. The blink is very smooth fluid deliberateand fake looking , I see why some say owl but afaik all creatures have eye glow this thing doesn't nor doe... [More]
Comment icon #21 Posted by TashaMarie 14 days ago
I initially considered the possibility that a visually impaired creature might have been able to detect the light through the hole without being affected by it. However, this line of thought seems unlikely because if the creature couldn't see, it would have been more likely to sniff at the hole instead of looking through it. Additionally, the eye visible through the hole appears to be lifeless.
Comment icon #22 Posted by the13bats 13 days ago
Exactly correct, When it does it's one money shot blink it's way too deliberate and the eyeball never moves in it's orbit I like to figure out how it was pulled off in this case the guys with light and cam are in on the ruse as they know what not to do to give it away, had I been there I would have been right up on that hole and seeing what really is in there, The eye seems fake to me or as you say lifeless ( no , not paranormal) those Little cheap led lights would cause pain perhaps damage if that eye could see Tik Tok videos just don't function well for me I tried to find it on YouTube but d... [More]
Comment icon #23 Posted by the13bats 13 days ago
I tried to watch it again on TT seems at the point the hole goes black there are actually two light sources and there isn't much more to the ",prop"
Comment icon #24 Posted by the13bats 8 days ago
Tumbleweeds? When the eye does close once it reminds me of some of those toys wowwee made
Comment icon #25 Posted by The man in the tan jacket 7 days ago
That looks like a unstable wall if it has a hole
Comment icon #26 Posted by the13bats 5 days ago
Yeah, a crap repair was done there, or a set up for a hoax, I looked around a bit and saw claims of a second video but couldn't find it.

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