Sunday, January 23, 2022
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The UFO Phenomenon

Pilots report mystery green UFO over Canada

8-14-2021 | 11

The pilots of two separate aircraft reported encountering the unidentified object over the coast on July 30th.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO researcher Paul Hellyer dies aged 98

8-13-2021 | 4

Hellyer was the former Minister of National Defence as well as the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada.

The UFO Phenomenon

Stunning 'UFO' mirage is an optical illusion

 VIDEO  8-8-2021 | 19

Recently uploaded footage shows what looks like a dome-shaped UFO slowly moving along the horizon.

The UFO Phenomenon

Avi Loeb on finding evidence of alien life

8-5-2021 | 3

Astrophysicist Avi Loeb has long advocated in favor of scientific investigation into the UFO phenomenon.

The UFO Phenomenon

Greg Eghigian: a brief cultural history of UFOs

7-10-2021 | 4

The science historian recently discussed how society's perception of UFOs has changed over the years.

The UFO Phenomenon

Australia UFO report refers to 'cat-faced' aliens

7-8-2021 | 30

Declassified UFO files from Australia make reference to some rather strange extraterrestrial encounters.

The UFO Phenomenon

UK has no plans to launch UFO investigation

 VIDEO  7-2-2021 | 4

The recent release of the US government's UFO report doesn't seem to have impressed politicians in the UK.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO whistleblower speaks out on resignation

6-30-2021 | 54

Former intelligence official Luis Elizondo spoke on a recent TV interview about exactly why he resigned.

The UFO Phenomenon

US government's UFO report has been released

6-26-2021 | 167

The long-awaited report leaves the door open to the possibility that we are being visited by extraterrestrials.

The UFO Phenomenon

Astronomer weighs in on US Navy UFOs debate

6-24-2021 | 50

With the government's UFO report expected any day now, just how likely is it to be a game changer ?

The UFO Phenomenon

What are the odds that UFOs are alien ?

6-22-2021 | 52

One scientist is using what is known as the Bayes formula to determine the probability that UFOs = ET.

The UFO Phenomenon

New UFO docuseries to air on Showtime

6-17-2021 | 8

J.J. Abrams' production company is tackling the UFO phenomenon in a new four-part documentary series.

The UFO Phenomenon

Now even NASA has started to investigate UFOs

 VIDEO  6-6-2021 | 131

The US space agency has tasked its researchers with getting to the bottom of the ongoing UFO mystery.

The UFO Phenomenon

New UFO exhibit will honor Stanton Friedman

6-4-2021 | 1

The late UFO researcher is to be the subject of a new exhibit at the Fredericton Region Museum in Canada.

The UFO Phenomenon

US UFO report: 'we don't know what they are'

6-4-2021 | 294

Officials briefed on the US government's UFO report have revealed details of what we can expect to see.

The UFO Phenomenon

Will the MoD relaunch the UK's UFO desk ?

5-29-2021 | 2

There are early signs that the UK's Ministry of Defense may be planning to relaunch its UFO division.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO whistleblower lodges formal complaint

5-28-2021 | 7

The former head of the Pentagon's UFO program claims that he has been the target of a disinformation campaign.

The UFO Phenomenon

Biden tells reporter to ask Obama about UFOs

 VIDEO  5-22-2021 | 57

The US President was asked a question about UFOs during a recent news conference at the White House.

The UFO Phenomenon

Obama on UFOs: 'we don't know what they are'

 VIDEO  5-19-2021 | 156

Former US President Barack Obama spoke about the subject of UFOs during a recent television interview.

The UFO Phenomenon

New US Navy UFO footage reportedly leaked

 VIDEO  5-18-2021 | 58

A previously unseen video of an unidentified object filmed by the US Navy has recently emerged online.

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