Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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The UFO Phenomenon

Man sees 'UFO emerge from portal' over UK

3-12-2021 | 48

A pensioner from East Lancashire maintains that he saw something very unusual in the sky two weeks ago.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mystery object filmed in the skies over Wichita

3-5-2021 | 6

Kansas residents reported seeing a vivid white object moving across the sky before disappearing.

The UFO Phenomenon

Airline pilot encounters cylindrical UFO

2-25-2021 | 56

The pilot of an American Airlines flight reported an unidentified object over New Mexico on Sunday.

The UFO Phenomenon

Is this UFO video simply too good to be true ?

 VIDEO  2-9-2021 | 308

Footage recorded from an airline passenger window shows an anomalous object zooming in and out of view.

The UFO Phenomenon

'String of lights' photographed near Charlotte

2-1-2021 | 14

A peculiar aerial phenomenon has caught the attention of a local social media group in North Carolina.

The UFO Phenomenon

Airline pilot films 'foo fighter' UFO over Pakistan

 VIDEO  1-30-2021 | 21

A short clip of a strange orb-shaped object filmed from the cockpit of a passenger jet has recently gone viral.

The UFO Phenomenon

The bizarre 'UFO patents' of Dr Salvatore Pais

1-27-2021 | 13

Over the years, the US Navy has invested large sums into the development of several 'out there' technologies.

The UFO Phenomenon

Scotland recorded 33 UFO sightings in 2020

1-20-2021 | 3

The North West UFO Group has detailed the most notable sightings that occurred over the last 12 months.

The UFO Phenomenon

New TV series to reveal Project Blue Book files

1-12-2021 | 2

A new UFO investigation series will include an exclusive look at scientist Dr. J. Allen Hynek's unreleased files.

The UFO Phenomenon

Nick Pope: 'clock is ticking' on UFO disclosure

1-10-2021 | 18

The Former MoD UFO researcher maintains that US officials have already shared UFO data with the UK.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mass UFO sighting reported over Hawaii

1-3-2021 | 63

Multiple witnesses last week reported seeing a bright blue object fall from the sky into the ocean.

The UFO Phenomenon

Was the 'Betz mystery sphere' an alien device ?

1-1-2021 | 30

A strange metallic sphere found near the home of a family in Florida sparked a decades-long mystery.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon has 180 days to disclose UFO data

12-30-2020 | 23

The new US funding bill compels various agencies to disclose what they know about UFOs within six months.

The UFO Phenomenon

Rendlesham UFO mystery endures 40 years on

 VIDEO  12-26-2020 | 53

It has been exactly four decades since a mysterious object was encountered in Rendlesham Forest, England.

The UFO Phenomenon

Is leaked Pentagon UFO a 'Batman' balloon ?

12-20-2020 | 13

A recently distributed image of a UFO captured from a US fighter jet may have a rather mundane explanation.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO sightings up 283% in New York since 2018

12-17-2020 | 11

New Yorkers reported far more than the usual number of strange objects in the sky over the last 12 months.

The UFO Phenomenon

Is the 'Black Knight' really an alien satellite ?

12-17-2020 | 11

For years, some have speculated that this unusual piece of space junk is actually an extraterrestrial device.

The UFO Phenomenon

Leaked Pentagon UFO photograph emerges

12-4-2020 | 24

An intriguing image of a mysterious silver object hovering motionless in the sky has been published online.

The UFO Phenomenon

Strange glowing object filmed near Stonehenge

 VIDEO  11-26-2020 | 15

A couple driving near the Wiltshire monument last month spotted something unusual hovering over the area.

The UFO Phenomenon

Trump may inadvertently veto UFO task force

11-24-2020 | 35

The US President is threatening to veto a defense bill that includes funding for the Pentagon's UFO task force.

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