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Westall UFO witnesses are still seeking answers over 58 years on

By T.K. Randall
April 7, 2024 · Comment icon 163 comments

What did the pupils and staff see that day ? Image Credit: Pixabay / christianplass
A high-profile mass UFO sighting in Australia is still no closer to being solved almost six decades later.
It's one of Australia's best known UFO mysteries and even today, 58 years after the incident, the people who experienced it first-hand remain steadfast in their conviction to find the truth.

The incident itself took place on April 6th, 1966 when multiple people, including students and teachers from Westall High School and Westall State School, observed three metallic objects silently maneuvering through the skies over Melbourne in the Australian state of Victoria.

According to witness accounts, the objects, which bore no obvious markings, landed briefly in a paddock near the schools before taking off again and disappearing. An investigation of the field afterwards revealed the presence of several large circles of flattened grass.

"It was so unusual ... it occurred in broad daylight and had been seen by so many people landing on the ground, before taking off again," said researcher Shane Ryan.

"The event was obviously sizeable enough to muster a big response. Whatever it was that happened led to government agencies examining the site and taking soil samples."

Interest in the case would later skyrocket after several of the witnesses claimed to have been visited by dark-suited officials who warned them not to speak out about what they had seen.
Joy Clarke, who was 12 at the time of the incident, vividly recalls what happened that day.

"I was in class when students rushed in and told us the story," she said. "We rushed down to the oval and I saw three flying saucers on that day. My personal belief is they weren't of this world."

"They were definitely from somewhere else because I have never seen anything like it at all."

Now in their 70s, the school's former pupils remain adamant that what they saw was the real deal.

"It is probably in the top five mass sightings worldwide," MUFON's Clarke Watson told The Sunday Age.

"In Australia it's not really widely known but overseas it gets referenced a lot because it was seen by children that, when independently interviewed, told the same story."

"There were also a group of teachers that actually claimed to have seen it, there were photos that were claimed to have been taken, and there was government intervention very early on."

Source: The Age | Comments (163)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #154 Posted by Golden Duck 19 days ago
Before he starts whingeing about his errors.  He should also be aware that when Australia went metric, and what that implies about the currency of the purported witness testimony.  I mean, he has been freely given these huge cultural insights and all he does is just toss them back in your face. He complains about the assistance he is given in finding a robust hypothesis. 
Comment icon #155 Posted by the13bats 18 days ago
I really do not get it, I never called him names and when painted into a corner being asked for support of his claims he goes to ad hominem insults, it's simply a waste of forum space , I love these topics discussing possibilities and he is ruining it for everyone.
Comment icon #156 Posted by ChrLzs 18 days ago
I'm sure the audience will support me not taking a claim about a 40cm object seriously. I am happy to support you.  @EoT, can you clarify, did you type that in or not?  It seems to be an accurate quote...  When I screw up, I quickly acknowledge my stupidity, and LEARN something.  This isn't something you do? Anyway, the thing was clearly just a discarded frisbee, according to EoT, so I think this thread needs to be closed. BTW, Earl, your latest posts have been er..  quite unpleasant, and you are simply dismissing everything said.  So, this being a discussion forum...   Bye, bye! (Yes, ... [More]
Comment icon #157 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 18 days ago
that's a typo I meant 10 feet to 15 feet (10' to 15') Good eye. Now tell me, GD, couldn't you just spell it out in a normal friendly fashion? Give it a try some time
Comment icon #158 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 18 days ago
I have already admitted the gaffe to Golden Duck, an obvious typo. you mean you never make any ,right...? I mean you really want to beat on me over a typo, right...?  that's because you have a mean streak in you that come's out whenever you face off with a person who believes in UFO's. Right, Spanky?   Please don't be kidding. Things in here were pretty good until you and batstick showed up   
Comment icon #159 Posted by Golden Duck 17 days ago
I have been more than friendly, patient, and polite. Don't project your antagonistic course of conduct on to me. Now, until you can reciprocate the courtesy by answering the questions put to you we can call this conversation over. I won't be part of your usual game of dragging threads into the gutter so the moderators delete the posts where you've put your foot in your mouth. Watch out for drop bears. Bye bye.
Comment icon #160 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 16 days ago
you are a 1st class antagonizor, GB I made a simple typo, saying 10" to 15" - instead of the correct 10' to 15', and instead of simply saying that I made a mistake, you hung out to dry three times in a row, teasing me, hoping like heck that I would compound the gaffe. It was a childish thing to do. Bye bye
Comment icon #161 Posted by Golden Duck 16 days ago
I did point out that you were inaccurate, and gave you a chance to either back up what you said or correct it. You chose conflict over the purpose of a discission forum.
Comment icon #162 Posted by the13bats 13 days ago
You made a ,"mistake" about gellar on tonight Carson show that could be called a lie I proved it yet you didn't simply say yeah you're right and admit you were mistaken no, you called me the liar and have gone ad hominem on me for pointing it out, You lack credibility and integrity.
Comment icon #163 Posted by the13bats 13 days ago
I admit I do not know all the rules here and up until a few weeks ago took a year off I saw the sky eagle "play pen". It would seem a pretty easy obligation that if a person posts a claim they either admit it's with no supporting evidence hense story/opinion or they back up the claim with evidence to support it, I see threads ruined when eot simply refuses to do that then attacks people playing victim for kindly asking for said evidence, perhaps an idea is give eot a thread of his own like sky eagle had and those who desire facts and evidence can avoid it and no more threads will get ruined wi... [More]

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