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Oil rig worker photographs two UFOs hovering off coast of Tampico, Mexico

By T.K. Randall
March 22, 2024 · Comment icon 3 comments
UFOs near Tampico.
What could these objects be ? Image Credit: Twitter / covertress
The worker photographed two objects - one disc-shaped and one triangular - that hovered in the sky for 10 minutes.
Details of the encounter, which occurred back in October 2023, were recently communicated to the press by an oil rig worker known only as "Pat" who had acquired the photographs from a colleague stationed on a rig near Tampico.

"My contact said the UAPs showed up as they were putting the oil rigs legs to the seabed," he said.

One of the objects was disc-shaped and had an array of lights around the edge of its underside while the other was seemingly triangular with a single bright light in each corner.

Both objects hovered for around 10 minutes before 'zooming off in an instant'.
An interesting twist to the sighting is the fact that there have been rumors of an underwater extraterrestrial base in the general area of Tampico - known as 'Amupac' - for decades.

"My rig only came here recently," Pat said.

"It was after I discovered the local belief being so strong as regards aliens protecting them that I discussed with a guy who works as a liaison between our two rigs."

"Then he told me about the encounters. He then sent me the images."

Whether the images really show evidence of alien visitors, however, remains a matter of debate.

Source: Mail Online | Comments (3)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Cho Jinn 22 days ago
We no longer need photos of anything UFO related.  So you can keep those, really.  What we "need" would be video of the objects "zooming off in an instant".  Humans can do lights, triangles, hovering, moving-at-constant-speed-in-straight-line (even fast), shiny, metllic, etc. well enough.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 21 days ago
Not at all convinced. Too easy to make fakes now. 
Comment icon #3 Posted by sanchez710 21 days ago
Probably observation drones

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