Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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World of the Bizarre

Irate Scot wants to send flat Earther into space

2-5-2021 | 21

A man from Scotland is attempting to raise funds for a space mission to prove his flat Earther mates wrong.

World of the Bizarre

Boxing legend claims that the Earth is flat

9-25-2019 | 41

Former professional boxer turned commentator Carl Froch is the latest celebrity to come out as a Flat Earther.

World of the Bizarre

Flat-Earther to blast off in a rocket (again)

 VIDEO  8-11-2019 | 12

Self-taught rocket scientist and flat Earth obsessive 'Mad' Mike Hughes will attempt his latest stunt later today.

World of the Bizarre

200 attend UK's first Flat Earth Convention

4-30-2018 | 50

The peculiar get-together saw hundreds of staunch Flat-Earth believers gather at a hotel in Birmingham.

World of the Bizarre

Flat Earth Society still going strong

2-28-2010 | 45

Formed in 1884 the Flat Earth Society might seem out of place in today's modern world but still continues to attract followers.

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