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Modern Mysteries

The case of the 1942 'ghost blimp' L-8 still remains a mystery 80 years on

11-20-2022 | 17

In August 1942, an airship disappeared, then reappeared again a few hours later with all of its crew missing.

Modern Mysteries

New footage sheds light on Hindenburg disaster

 VIDEO  5-21-2021 | 6

Previously unseen video footage has been helping scientists learn more about the fate of the airship.

Modern Mysteries

What caused the Hindenburg to catch fire ?

5-23-2017 | 7

80 years on from the disaster, the exact cause of the inferno that destroyed the airship remains unclear.

Science & Technology

Amazon considers 'flying warehouse' airship

1-2-2017 | 3

A new patent for a flying fulfillment center could soon see Amazon parcels being delivered from above.

Science & Technology

'Flying Bum' airship has crashed already

 VIDEO  8-24-2016 | 10

The world's largest aircraft, the Airlander 10, has crashed while landing in a field after a test flight.

Science & Technology

'Flying Bum' airship preps for maiden flight

 VIDEO  2-26-2016 | 11

The world's largest aircraft, the Airlander 10, will be embarking on its maiden voyage next month.

Science & Technology

Giant zeppelin could revolutionize air travel

9-18-2013 | 11

Aeroscraft's ML866 airship is set to bring zeppelins back as a viable and effective form of transport.

Science & Technology

Pentagon develops UFO-like airship

 VIDEO  1-9-2013 | 33

A vast 230ft airship may soon replace conventional aircraft for hauling cargo over long distances.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Airship to conduct aerial search for Bigfoot

10-13-2012 | 205

Known as the 'Falcon Project', the new hunt will be co-ordinated through Idaho State University.

The UFO Phenomenon

Were there UFO sightings in the Old West ?

8-3-2011 | 28

History records a number of sightings of "airships" in America during the 19th century.

Science & Technology

Giant airships could carry whole buildings

10-5-2010 | 5

Australian firm Skylifter is developing an airship that could carry huge loads hundreds of miles.

Space & Astronomy

Robot armies 'will explore alien worlds'

10-28-2009 | 6

Scientists have said that in the future an army of robotic airships and satellites will visit distant worlds and command...

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