Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Science & Technology

The Turing test has been passed for the first time, scientists claim

6-14-2024 | 10

Developed by Alan Turing, the test can only be passed by an AI that is indistinguishable from a human being.


Could AI be to blame for our lack of contact with intelligent aliens ?

5-21-2024 | 50

What if artificial intelligence was an inevitable roadblock that all intelligent civilizations must overcome ?

Science & Technology

Creators of AI 'death calculator' issue warning to the public

4-30-2024 | 10

Life2vec uses artificial intelligence to predict with eerie accuracy when you are most likely to die.

Science & Technology

Elon Musk goes to war with OpenAI because it isn't 'benefiting humanity'

3-6-2024 | 13

The Tesla CEO is suing the creators of ChatGPT for allegedly pursuing profit over benefiting the human race.

World of the Bizarre

Google's AI offers some strange advice on how to capture Bigfoot

2-29-2024 | 14

So far nobody has been able to prove Bigfoot exists, let alone capture one, so how would an AI approach the problem ?

Science & Technology

Could AI be a solution to loneliness or will it make things worse ?

1-12-2024 | 41

Three Australian researchers take a look at how artificial intelligence could tackle the problem of loneliness.

Science & Technology

New AI can predict when you will die more accurately than ever before

12-20-2023 | 0

The new artificial intelligence system uses data about people's lives to determine how long they have left to live.

Science & Technology

Biden's new executive order on regulating AI: here's what it all means

11-1-2023 | 8

Prof Toby Walsh examines US President Joe Biden's surprisingly ambitious step toward regulating artificial intelligence.

Science & Technology

Boston Dynamics robot can now have a conversation with you

 VIDEO  10-30-2023 | 6

The firm's robotic dog 'Spot' has taken one step closer to world domination - and it sounds like a British butler.

Science & Technology

What happens when an AI inevitably passes the Turing test ?

10-19-2023 | 5

With AI systems such as ChatGPT becoming increasingly capable, it's only a matter of time before an AI can fool a human.

Science & Technology

Scientists build artificial intelligence that can detect alien life

9-26-2023 | 4

The new AI can determine the likelihood that a sample is biological by 90% - but nobody is quite sure exactly how it works.


Could extraterrestrial visitors try to contact an artificial intelligence ?

 VIDEO  8-13-2023 | 63

A new documentary seeks to raise some intriguing new questions on the subject of alien visitation.

Science & Technology

AI judges - the future of justice or a disaster waiting to happen ?

7-12-2023 | 7

With some judges using ChatGPT to help make decisions, should artificial intelligence really be used in court cases ?

Science & Technology

How specifically could AI cause the extinction of mankind ?

6-2-2023 | 3

Professor Nello Cristianini investigates how exactly artificial intelligence might bring about the doom of civilization.

World of the Bizarre

Fake AI Benedict Cumberbatch almost scams firm out of $250k

5-14-2023 | 0

Con-artists are resorting to increasingly sophisticated scams involving voices cloned using artificial intelligence.

Space & Astronomy

AI is helping astronomers make new discoveries about the cosmos

5-6-2023 | 1

Professor Chris Impey takes a look at the role artificial intelligence plays in new astronomical discoveries.

Science & Technology

Elon Musk is setting up a new artificial intelligence company

4-15-2023 | 6

Named X.AI, the new firm will be the entrepreneur's attempt to rival the extremely popular ChatGPT.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot video has now been stabilized using AI

4-4-2023 | 128

What is arguably the world's best known footage of an alleged Bigfoot has been stabilized thanks to artificial intelligence.

Science & Technology

Tech leaders call for 6-month pause on development of advanced AI

3-30-2023 | 42

More than 1,000 industry leaders and experts have called for a 6-month pause to assess the risks to humanity.

Science & Technology

James Cameron: 'An AI could have taken over and we wouldn't know'

3-25-2023 | 4

The 'Terminator' director discussed the threat posed by artificial intelligence while speaking on a recent podcast.

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