Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Modern Mysteries

Creepy AI-generated woman 'Loab' is social media's latest urban legend

9-16-2022 | 7

An eerie face envisaged within the mind of an artificial intelligence seems to be the Internet's latest answer to Slender Man.

Science & Technology

AI creates chilling images of the end of the world

 VIDEO  7-31-2022 | 14

An AI capable of creating images of anything simply by requesting it has had a go at imagining 'the last selfie ever taken'.


New evidence of early campfires dates back 1 million years

6-20-2022 | 5

Scientists have used an artificial intelligence to analyze evidence that early humans were making fire 1 million years ago.

The UFO Phenomenon

German university's camera system is designed to detect UFOs

2-9-2022 | 26

The SkyCAM-5 camera system uses artificial intelligence to spot unidentified aerial phenomena.

Science & Technology

Could AI be the future of crime solving ?

8-25-2021 | 4

Artificial intelligence can now help experts analyze footprints - and it has the potential to go much further.

Science & Technology

World governments are embracing AI big time

7-19-2021 | 11

Despite concerns over where it could lead, artificial intelligence - for better or worse - is here to stay.


Alien AI 'could be billions of years old'

4-6-2021 | 120

A NASA philosopher maintains that an ancient extraterrestrial artificial intelligence might already exist.

Science & Technology

AI learns how to play old platform games

2-28-2021 | 9

New computer algorithms designed to beat old 80s platformers could help robots navigate your home.

Science & Technology

Oldest ever video footage is remastered in 4K

 VIDEO  8-22-2020 | 6

A historic piece of video footage recorded 132 years ago has been enhanced using artificial intelligence.

Science & Technology

Samsung reveals its 'artificial human' Neon

 VIDEO  1-7-2020 | 25

The tech giant has lifted the lid on a type of super-realistic digital person unlike anything seen before.

Science & Technology

Samsung teases reveal of 'artificial human' AI

 VIDEO  12-30-2019 | 25

The technology giant will be revealing a potentially 'next level' artificial intelligence known as NEON next week.

Archaeology & History

143 new Nazca geoglyphs discovered in Peru

 VIDEO  11-19-2019 | 25

Researchers have used an artificial intelligence to identity previously unseen drawings on the desert floor.

Science & Technology

Academics want AI 'recognized as inventor'

8-1-2019 | 8

Two professors have teamed up to have an artificial intelligence credited with inventing a food container.

Science & Technology

Artificial intelligence knows when you will die

3-30-2019 | 5

A Google-based AI can determine when hospital patients will die with an accuracy of around 95 percent.

Space & Astronomy

Future Mars rovers could be autonomous

1-2-2019 | 1

Exploratory vehicles equipped with artificial intelligence could open up the surface of Mars like never before.

Space & Astronomy

Real-life HAL 9000 runs virtual space base

11-27-2018 | 7

Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence that can be used to run a manned outpost on another world.


SETI picks up 72 signals from distant galaxy

9-11-2018 | 15

Astronomers discovered the signals after analyzing 400 terabytes of radio data using an artificial intelligence.

Science & Technology

AI robot learns to solve 'Where's Waldo?' books

 VIDEO  8-16-2018 | 4

A robotic arm has been programmed using artificial intelligence to locate the hard-to-spot cartoon character.

Science & Technology

AI is able to identify people through walls

 VIDEO  6-15-2018 | 5

Scientists have used radio signals as well as an artificial intelligence to track individuals through solid walls.

Science & Technology

Elon Musk warns of 'immortal AI dictator'

4-9-2018 | 26

The SpaceX CEO has warned of a future ruled by an unstoppable AI that could ultimately destroy mankind.

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