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Science & Technology

Could AI be a solution to loneliness or will it make things worse ?

1-12-2024 | 40

Three Australian researchers take a look at how artificial intelligence could tackle the problem of loneliness.

Science & Technology

New AI can predict when you will die more accurately than ever before

12-20-2023 | 0

The new artificial intelligence system uses data about people's lives to determine how long they have left to live.

Science & Technology

Biden's new executive order on regulating AI: here's what it all means

11-1-2023 | 8

Prof Toby Walsh examines US President Joe Biden's surprisingly ambitious step toward regulating artificial intelligence.

Science & Technology

Boston Dynamics robot can now have a conversation with you

 VIDEO  10-30-2023 | 6

The firm's robotic dog 'Spot' has taken one step closer to world domination - and it sounds like a British butler.

Science & Technology

What happens when an AI inevitably passes the Turing test ?

10-19-2023 | 5

With AI systems such as ChatGPT becoming increasingly capable, it's only a matter of time before an AI can fool a human.

Science & Technology

Scientists build artificial intelligence that can detect alien life

9-26-2023 | 4

The new AI can determine the likelihood that a sample is biological by 90% - but nobody is quite sure exactly how it works.


Could extraterrestrial visitors try to contact an artificial intelligence ?

 VIDEO  8-13-2023 | 63

A new documentary seeks to raise some intriguing new questions on the subject of alien visitation.

Science & Technology

AI judges - the future of justice or a disaster waiting to happen ?

7-12-2023 | 7

With some judges using ChatGPT to help make decisions, should artificial intelligence really be used in court cases ?

Science & Technology

How specifically could AI cause the extinction of mankind ?

6-2-2023 | 3

Professor Nello Cristianini investigates how exactly artificial intelligence might bring about the doom of civilization.

World of the Bizarre

Fake AI Benedict Cumberbatch almost scams firm out of $250k

5-14-2023 | 0

Con-artists are resorting to increasingly sophisticated scams involving voices cloned using artificial intelligence.

Space & Astronomy

AI is helping astronomers make new discoveries about the cosmos

5-6-2023 | 1

Professor Chris Impey takes a look at the role artificial intelligence plays in new astronomical discoveries.

Science & Technology

Elon Musk is setting up a new artificial intelligence company

4-15-2023 | 6

Named X.AI, the new firm will be the entrepreneur's attempt to rival the extremely popular ChatGPT.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot video has now been stabilized using AI

4-4-2023 | 128

What is arguably the world's best known footage of an alleged Bigfoot has been stabilized thanks to artificial intelligence.

Science & Technology

Tech leaders call for 6-month pause on development of advanced AI

3-30-2023 | 42

More than 1,000 industry leaders and experts have called for a 6-month pause to assess the risks to humanity.

Science & Technology

James Cameron: 'An AI could have taken over and we wouldn't know'

3-25-2023 | 4

The 'Terminator' director discussed the threat posed by artificial intelligence while speaking on a recent podcast.

Science & Technology

DARPA reveals that it has enabled an AI to fly an F-16 fighter jet

2-17-2023 | 5

The agency has seemingly succeeded in making it possible for an artificial intelligence to fly an F-16.


AI identifies possible alien technosignatures in deep space

1-31-2023 | 22

Astronomers at SETI have been using artificial intelligence to aid in their hunt for signs of intelligent alien life.

Science & Technology

Deepfake AI photos can now seem more real than genuine images

1-27-2023 | 11

Psychologist Manos Tsakiris takes a look at the current state of deepfake photos and the problems they may cause online.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO expert posts up AI-enhanced image of object spotted over Juarez

1-22-2023 | 14

Jaime Maussan used artificial intelligence software to enhance the original image of a 'round, domed ship'.

Modern Mysteries

Creepy AI-generated woman 'Loab' is social media's latest urban legend

9-16-2022 | 10

An eerie face envisaged within the mind of an artificial intelligence seems to be the Internet's latest answer to Slender Man.

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