Thursday, March 23, 2023
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USAF once investigated case of 'alien' who made pancakes for witness

3-21-2023 | 28

One of the strangest cases in all of Ufology involved an alleged alien encounter reported by chicken farmer Joe Simonton.

World of the Bizarre

Man lying in hospital bed is actually a cake

2-19-2021 | 8

Mind-boggling photographs of a cake-limbed man lying in a hospital bed have gone viral on social media.

World of the Bizarre

Man gets drunk on cake due to weird condition

1-11-2021 | 5

62-year-old Nick Carson suffers from a rare condition that turns carbohydrates directly into alcohol.

Space & Astronomy

Ultima Thule may actually be pancake-shaped

 VIDEO  2-10-2019 | 3

The mysterious object visited by New Horizons at New Year has turned out to be much flatter than expected.

World of the Bizarre

Flat Earthers gather for Denver conference

 VIDEO  11-19-2018 | 62

More than 650 people gathered in Colorado this month to promote the idea that our planet is as flat as a pancake.

World of the Bizarre

Man invents insane cake-serving machine

 VIDEO  4-13-2018 | 13

This incredible Rube Goldberg machine is designed with one purpose in mind - to serve a slice of cake.

Space & Astronomy

Scottish scientists send a teacake in to space

 VIDEO  10-16-2017 | 8

Thousands of people watched online as the popular confectionery was launched in to the heavens on Friday.

Modern Mysteries

Scott expedition cake discovered in Antarctica

8-11-2017 | 8

The remarkably well-preserved fruitcake was left behind by Captain Scott's ill-fated expedition.

World of the Bizarre

Man eats pancakes in the middle of the road

 VIDEO  3-29-2017 | 17

A prankster was charged this week after being filmed tucking in to pancakes at a busy intersection.

World of the Bizarre

Bakers create world's largest Jaffa Cake

 VIDEO  3-11-2017 | 2

The enormous chocolate-covered delicacy contained 13.4 pounds of caster sugar and 13.4 pounds of flour.

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