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Man lying in hospital bed is actually a cake

By T.K. Randall
February 19, 2021 · Comment icon 8 comments

This man is a cake. Yes, really. Image Credit: Instagram / the_bakeking / Ben Cullen
Mind-boggling photographs of a cake-limbed man lying in a hospital bed have gone viral on social media.
Take a close look at the photograph above - what do you see ? At quick glance it looks like just an ordinary man lying in a hospital bed, but what's going on with his right arm ?

Posted up on Instagram by 'The Bake King' Ben Cullen, the image is one of a series of shots which show that the man's legs and arm, which have been cut into slices, are actually made of cake.

The images have since gone viral, with thousands of people on social media expressing shock and intrigue at how the scene was made and speculating over which parts of the man's body are real and which are made of cake.
It turned out that the human cake was created for the music video 'Feel Away' by Slowthai.

"All his body parts were made from vanilla cake and chocolate ganache with sugarpaste details," Cullen wrote.

Even so, we can't see many people actually wanting to eat them...

Source: Munchable | Comments (8)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by jethrofloyd 3 years ago
This news remaind me of Tom Petty's controversial 'Don't Come Around Here No More' music video.  
Comment icon #2 Posted by Seti42 3 years ago
You can make a cake delicious, or you can make it from easily sculptured edible...Stuff. You can't really do both. Most art cakes' taste is inferior to cake where the goal is flavor. Fondant is terrible, IMO. But it can be worked like plasticine clay.
Comment icon #3 Posted by razman 3 years ago
Comment icon #4 Posted by DreadLordAvatar 3 years ago
This is demented AF.  These people have serious mental problems.
Comment icon #5 Posted by OverSword 3 years ago
So awesome . @Seti42 not true. My cousin is a master baker and artist. Over the years she’s made some incredibly delicious and weird cakes. Brains, realistic phalluses,a bust of Darth Vader, Disney Princesses.  Nothing on the level of this guy in bed though, that is so cool and disturbing 
Comment icon #6 Posted by Buzz_Light_Year 3 years ago
I wonder if he is anatomically correct? And who gets that piece?
Comment icon #7 Posted by smanthaonvaca 3 years ago
I think trying to consume that would make most people nauseous. Maybe it would be different if he were on a table at a halloween party... But in a hospital bed? Bleurgh
Comment icon #8 Posted by MissJatti 3 years ago
And Hospital says they have no beds for real patients

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