Monday, November 28, 2022
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Many prehistoric cave paintings were made by children

3-17-2022 | 6

New research has suggested that the process of creating cave paintings may have been a family affair.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds 'man of Etna' found dead in remote cave

11-14-2021 | 4

Police in Italy have discovered the remains of a man who is thought to have died over 50 years ago.

Modern Mysteries

Cavers venture deep into Yemen's 'Well of Hell'

 VIDEO  9-28-2021 | 11

A caving team has become the first ever to descend into the depths of Yemen's terrifying sinkhole.

Space & Astronomy

Martian caves could act as radiation shelters

8-31-2021 | 8

Caves dotted around the surface of the Red Planet could provide a safe haven for future human explorers.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of girl buried with bird in her mouth

6-14-2021 | 4

A young girl buried in a European cave centuries ago was discovered with the head of a finch in her mouth.


Oldest human burial in Africa found in Kenya

5-7-2021 | 5

Archaeologists have unearthed a child who was buried at Panga ya Saidi cave almost 80,000 years ago.

Science & Technology

Canadian 'Sarlacc Pit' was hidden for centuries

4-20-2020 | 7

A gargantuan cave in the Canadian wilderness was only recently discovered because it had been filled with ice.

Archaeology & History

'Hill of the Dragon' cave yields medieval shrine

4-18-2020 | 0

British railway workers have discovered a previously hidden cave that was exposed following a landslip.

Space & Astronomy

Mysterious cave on Mars prompts speculation

3-3-2020 | 22

NASA has released a fascinating photograph showing a large cave entrance on the slopes of a Martian volcano.


Huge prehistoric shark found in cave wall

2-1-2020 | 2

The well-preserved fossil remains of a 330 million-year-old shark have been discovered in a cave in Kentucky.


Cave painting depicts world's oldest cryptid

 VIDEO  12-13-2019 | 17

A cave painting dating back 44,000 years shows the earliest known depiction of a supernatural creature.


The face of a woman who lived 7,500 years ago

 VIDEO  9-19-2019 | 16

Forensic experts have created a detailed reconstruction of a Neolithic woman found in a cave in Gibraltar.


Scientists solve 33,000-year-old murder mystery

7-4-2019 | 4

Modern forensic techniques have been applied to an ancient fractured skull found in a cave in Romania.


Giant half-ton bird lived alongside early man

6-27-2019 | 22

A thigh bone found in a Crimean cave belonged to a huge species of bird that was as heavy as a polar bear.

Modern Mysteries

Sword may have belonged to Knights Templar

6-21-2019 | 13

A sword discovered 30 years ago in a cave has turned out to be a lot more significant than previously thought.


Denisovan jawbone discovered in Tibetan cave

 VIDEO  5-1-2019 | 1

The unexpected find represents the first ever evidence of Denisovans outside of Denisova Cave in Siberia.


New human species unearthed in island cave

4-10-2019 | 12

Scientists have discovered the fossil remains of an extinct species of human in a cave in the Philippines.

Archaeology & History

Creepy 'witch marks' found on cave walls

 VIDEO  2-25-2019 | 1

Strange etchings on the walls of Creswell Crags in England were created to trap or repel evil forces.

Science & Technology

Massive 'Sarlacc Pit' discovered in Canada

 VIDEO  12-4-2018 | 5

A previously unexplored cave in British Columbia has been described as having 'national significance'.


Cave art could depict cataclysmic events

11-28-2018 | 13

Early human cave paintings dating back thousands of years could depict more than just hunting scenes.

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