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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Natural World

'Humans too stupid to stop climate change'

3-31-2010 | 368

Maverick environmentalist James Lovelock has claimed that we are not clever enough to handle global warming.

Science & Technology

New doubts cast on man-made warming

2-15-2010 | 42

A key figure in the climategate affair has cast new doubts on the idea that global warming is man-made.

Natural World

Water vapour a major cause of climate change

1-31-2010 | 40

A new study has revealed that water vapour high in the atmosphere plays a crucial role in influencing world temperatures.


Was Russia behind Climategate ?

12-8-2009 | 12

Speculation is growing that the Russian secret service was behind the hacking incident that leaked controversial emails ...


Antarctica was refuge in extinction event

12-5-2009 | 5

New fossil evidence has suggested that some land animals would have survived the end-Permian mass extinction 252 million...

Science & Technology

Climate change e-mails won't effect UN's advice

12-1-2009 | 18

Recently leaked emails from the University of East Anglia that are believed to show a cover-up intended to maintain the ...

Science & Technology

Climate change debate rages on

10-14-2009 | 24

The BBC have run an article on the global warming debate claiming that the warmest recent year on record was 1998 and th...

Natural World

New fears for species extinctions

10-12-2009 | 8

Extinction rates are a lot higher than previously predicted with threats to biodiversity and ecosystems such as pollutio...

Science & Technology

Climate change computer is notorious polluter

8-30-2009 | 13

In an ironic twist the 30 million supercomputer used by the Met Office to predict climate change is one of Britain's wo...

Ancient Mysteries

Climate change helped the Incas

7-29-2009 | 0

It is believed that a warm period between AD1100 and 1533 was pivotal to the success of the Incan civilization, providin...

Natural World

Climate change is shrinking sheep

7-6-2009 | 3

Research has shown that climate change is causing wild sheep on a remote island in Scotland to shrink thanks to milder w...


Ancient arctic mammals wintered in darkness

6-2-2009 | 1

Ancient mammals such as the ancestors of today's rhinos and tapirs that lived in the lands above the Arctic Circle 53 mi...

Science & Technology

'Apocalyptic climate predictions' are misleading

2-18-2009 | 3

Experts have warned that apocalyptic predictions about the effects of global warming are not only exaggerated but could ...

Natural World

A world without chocolate ?

2-16-2009 | 30

Chocolate is one of the world's favourite treats, but scientists have indicated that climate change and other factors ma...

Metaphysics & Psychology

Can you choose your reincarnated successor ?

2-3-2009 | 5

With the current political climate in Tibet and with the current Dalai Lama getting on in years attention is being turne...

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