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Dark streaks on Venus could be alien microbes

1-12-2017 | 28

Scientists are keen to launch a mission to Venus to investigate mysterious dark streaks in its clouds.

World of the Bizarre

Strange spherical cloud spotted over Japan

12-15-2016 | 19

The peculiar atmospheric phenomenon was photographed over Fujisawa earlier this month.

Space & Astronomy

Weather observed on distant gas giant planet

12-12-2016 | 1

Astronomers have observed strong winds and changing cloud cover on an alien planet for the first time.

Space & Astronomy

Distant water clouds detected for first time

7-9-2016 | 4

Scientists have identified water clouds around a brown dwarf star that is 7.2 light years from the Earth.

Space & Astronomy

Supermassive black hole found feeding on gas

6-9-2016 | 4

Astronomers have caught their first-ever glimpse of a supermassive black hole feeding on cold gas clouds.

Space & Astronomy

Could Pluto be classed as a planet again ?

3-8-2016 | 40

The discovery of what look like clouds on Pluto has reignited the debate over its dwarf planet status.

Space & Astronomy

Giant gas cloud is heading towards our galaxy

 VIDEO  1-30-2016 | 6

The cloud of gas will trigger an explosion of star formation but will take 30 million years to get here.

Modern Mysteries

'Giant robot' photographed by plane passenger

1-15-2016 | 56

A peculiar picture, which shows what looks like a figure walking on the clouds, has gone viral online.

Science & Technology

Terrafugia's flying car is now one step closer

 VIDEO  12-16-2015 | 10

The dream of flying your own car through the clouds has taken another important step towards reality.

The UFO Phenomenon

'Corkscrew' UFO filmed from plane over India

 VIDEO  12-9-2015 | 53

Strange footage showing a large T-shaped structure flying through the clouds has appeared online.

Modern Mysteries

Incredible floating city appears above China

 VIDEO  10-19-2015 | 77

Hundreds of witnesses reported seeing an entire block of skyscrapers floating high up in the clouds.

Space & Astronomy

Millions view eclipse over UK and Europe

 VIDEO  3-20-2015 | 21

A solar eclipse provided a breathtaking spectacle this morning despite predominantly cloudy weather.

World of the Bizarre

'Nuclear explosion' photographed on Mars

3-14-2015 | 63

An image of a 'mushroom cloud' on the Red Planet has caught the attention of conspiracy theorists.

Space & Astronomy

NASA proposes a 'cloud city' above Venus

 VIDEO  12-21-2014 | 63

A future manned mission to Venus could see astronauts piloting blimps around the planet's atmosphere.

Space & Astronomy

Water clouds discovered on brown dwarf

8-29-2014 | 7

Astronomers have found evidence of water clouds outside of our own solar system for the first time.

Space & Astronomy

NASA finds no sign of hypothetical Planet X

3-10-2014 | 16

Researchers had theorized that a gas giant in the Oort Cloud may have been affecting the orbit of comets.

Space & Astronomy

Hubble finds clouds on nearby alien worlds

1-3-2014 | 10

Astronomers using the Hubble telescope have picked up signs of cloud cover on two extrasolar planets.

Science & Technology

Weather laser can induce rain and lightning

8-28-2013 | 28

Scientists are experimenting with laser pulses that can create clouds and influence the weather.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's Juno spacecraft is halfway to Jupiter

8-13-2013 | 15

Set to explore beneath Jupiter's obscuring cloud cover, the probe will reach its destination by 2016.

Nature & Environment

Formosan clouded leopard goes extinct

5-3-2013 | 27

A subspecies of clouded leopard unique to Taiwan has been declared extinct by a team of zoologists.

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