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World of the Bizarre

Man is rescued from well after huge hole opens up in his garden

6-21-2023 | 2

The 76-year-old disappeared into a hole after erosion caused his garden patio to collapse into a long forgotten well.

Space & Astronomy

Fate of iconic alien-hunting telescope in Puerto Rico revealed

 VIDEO  10-16-2022 | 1

The world-famous Arecibo Observatory had completely collapsed back in 2020 after its supporting cables broke.


Alien civilizations could be doomed to stagnate or collapse

5-13-2022 | 86

Two researchers have come up with a possible answer as to why we have yet to encounter intelligent aliens.

Science & Technology

Computer models predict the collapse of society by 2040

1-28-2022 | 47

A prediction from the 1970s has since been corroborated by several independent researchers.

Archaeology & History

Disappearance of advanced Chinese civilization finally solved

11-30-2021 | 13

Scientists have determined what caused the Liangzhu civilization to collapse around 4,300 years ago.

Science & Technology

Scientists spot signs of Gulf Stream collapse

8-6-2021 | 21

Climate experts have detected warning signs that the Gulf Stream could collapse in the not-too-distant future.

Science & Technology

1972 report predicted societal collapse by 2040

7-17-2021 | 37

A 1972 MIT report predicted that modern civilization would collapse by the middle of the 21st Century.

Space & Astronomy

Footage shows collapse of Arecibo observatory

 VIDEO  12-6-2020 | 5

Drones that were investigating the facility at the time managed to capture its catastrophic collapse on camera.

Space & Astronomy

Arecibo observatory has now totally collapsed

12-2-2020 | 17

The iconic telescope, which had shut recently after sustaining earthquake damage, has now collapsed.

World of the Bizarre

Man almost dies from allergy to the cold

11-3-2020 | 1

A 34-year-old man recently collapsed after suffering an allergic reaction to the cold following a shower.

Science & Technology

Civilization on track for 'irreversible collapse'

7-29-2020 | 59

Two theoretical physicists believe that there is a 90% chance that civilization will collapse within 40 years.

World of the Bizarre

Too much karaoke gives man a collapsed lung

8-18-2019 | 4

A man in China recently ended up in hospital after an evening of belting out songs caused his lung to collapse.

Science & Technology

Civilization will end by 2050, report claims

6-4-2019 | 96

A new paper from an Australian think tank has predicted that human society will collapse within 30 years.

Archaeology & History

Collapse of Angkor Wat called in to question

6-4-2019 | 8

A growing body of evidence points to a more complex explanation for the abandonment of the historic site.

Nature & Environment

Insect decline could cause 'collapse of nature'

2-11-2019 | 14

A new comprehensive review has highlighted a worrying decline in insect populations across the world.

Science & Technology

Earth's magnetic field was once near to collapse

1-30-2019 | 11

A new study has revealed that our planet's protective magnetic field almost disappeared 565 million years ago.

Archaeology & History

New evidence supports Mayan drought theory

8-3-2018 | 3

Scientists are more certain than ever that a massive drought caused the Mayan civilization to collapse.

World of the Bizarre

'Faith Runner' misses out on 10,000km goal

 VIDEO  8-7-2017 | 4

Samir Singh collapsed from exhaustion a tantalizing 36km from achieving his goal of 10,000km in 100 days.

World of the Bizarre

Woman taking selfie wrecks $200,000 exhibit

 VIDEO  7-15-2017 | 29

The heart-stopping moment saw an entire row of extremely expensive art pieces collapse like dominoes.

Nature & Environment

Major new study investigates bee collapse

6-30-2017 | 2

The research has indicated that neonicotinoid pesticides are harmful to both honeybees and wild bees.

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