Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Mexican Congress holds second hearing about 'alien' bodies

11-8-2023 | 507

Experts insisted that the mummies were the real deal, but stopped short of claiming that they were extraterrestrial.


Alleged 'alien corpses' unveiled at congress hearing in Mexico City

 VIDEO  9-13-2023 | 507

Ufologist Jaime Maussan recently presented what he claimed were the 1,000-year-old remains of two 'non-human entities'.

The UFO Phenomenon

Congress 'intrigued' by UFO testimonies, says Jeff Duncan

8-31-2023 | 5

Recent claims concerning UFOs and 'alien biologics' have reportedly intrigued several members of Congress.

The UFO Phenomenon

Washington gripped by UFO fever as senators speak their mind on mystery

7-1-2023 | 17

Several members of Congress have recently spoken out on the topic of UFOs and the secrecy surrounding it.

The UFO Phenomenon

US congressman claims government is reverse-engineering alien tech

3-10-2023 | 42

Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett is certainly no stranger to making 'out there' claims about UFOs and aliens.

The UFO Phenomenon

New Congress UFO report: 50% of cases remain 'unexplained'

11-1-2022 | 9

A report to be delivered to Congress this week allegedly states that only half of cases can be satisfactorily explained.

The UFO Phenomenon

Congress approves measures to share UFO data

7-15-2022 | 35

The amendment could help to establish a new UFO reporting system with 'immediate' information sharing.


UFO hearing: is there evidence that aliens have visited the Earth?

5-20-2022 | 77

The groundbreaking congressional hearing offered some interesting revelations - but was alien contact one of them?

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO hearing: 400 cases remain 'unidentified'

 VIDEO  5-18-2022 | 77

The first congressional UFO hearing in 50 years offered greater transparency, but no concrete evidence of aliens.

The UFO Phenomenon

Congress to hold first open hearing on UFOs in 50 years

5-10-2022 | 77

The hearing - which will focus on the potential security risks - will reportedly feature the testimony of two Pentagon officials.

The UFO Phenomenon

New US legislation could revolutionize study of UFOs

11-10-2021 | 0

Congress is preparing to debate a historic amendment that could transform the US government's approach to UFOs.

Science & Technology

New US bill could ban facial recognition tech

6-19-2021 | 4

Congress has introduced a bill that aims to stop facial recognition being used by law enforcement agencies.


Did the Pentagon attempt to weaponize ticks ?

7-16-2019 | 14

Congress has ordered the Pentagon to reveal whether or not it is responsible for spreading Lyme disease.

World of the Bizarre

Candidate claims to be a 'government psychic'

6-17-2019 | 20

Michigan congressional candidate Kevin Seamon has made some rather peculiar claims about his past.


Miami politician was 'abducted by aliens'

10-17-2017 | 21

Congressional candidate Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera recalls having alien abduction experiences as a child.

Space & Astronomy

NASA ordered to develop 'habitation module'

1-1-2016 | 17

Congress has insisted that NASA create a prototype deep space habitation module by no later than 2018.

The UFO Phenomenon

Believers gather for 24th UFO Congress

2-20-2015 | 61

Thousands of people gathered in Phoenix this week for the largest UFO conference in the United States.

Archaeology & History

Did ancient India have flying machines ?

1-6-2015 | 417

The Indian Science Congress drew criticism this week over a lecture about 7,000-year-old airplanes.


Astrobiologist to present ET life claims

2-7-2014 | 26

Richard Hoover will be presenting his evidence for alien life at the International UFO Congress.

The UFO Phenomenon

Over 900 British police have seen UFOs

5-5-2013 | 222

Gary Heseltine spoke to six former US congressmen at the National Press Club in Washington.

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