Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Modern Mysteries

Was Amelia Earhart really eaten by giant crabs ?

4-22-2023 | 13

One enduring theory suggests that the aviator's remains were disposed of by coconut crabs on Nikumaroro.

Nature & Environment

50 million crabs cause chaos on Australia's Christmas Island

 VIDEO  11-20-2021 | 5

The annual 'biblical' migration of bright red crabs on Christmas Island is a spectacle like no other on Earth.

Modern Mysteries

Amelia Earhart giant crabs theory resurfaces

8-26-2019 | 22

Researchers have suggested that the aviator's remains were dragged off by coconut crabs after she died.

Modern Mysteries

Was Amelia Earhart eaten by giant crabs ?

 VIDEO  11-14-2017 | 15

If the famed aviator really had crash-landed on the atoll of Nikumaroro, what happened to her remains ?


Plant-eating dinosaurs sometimes ate crabs

9-24-2017 | 6

Fossilized droppings have revealed that some herbivorous dinosaurs occasionally snacked on seafood.

Nature & Environment

Hordes of spider crabs gather near Melbourne

 VIDEO  6-17-2016 | 9

An Australian aquatic scientist has captured footage of the crustaceans congregating in Port Phillip Bay.

Nature & Environment

Huge swarm of crabs filmed on the ocean floor

 VIDEO  4-13-2016 | 16

Researchers have recorded footage of thousands of small crabs moving en masse off the coast of Panama.

Nature & Environment

Thousands of crabs wash up in California

 VIDEO  6-19-2015 | 13

Vast quantities of small red crabs have been washing up along the west coast of the United States.

Nature & Environment

Diver films huge pyramid of spider crabs

 VIDEO  4-19-2015 | 21

44-year-old PT Hirschfield captured the remarkable spectacle on camera near Melbourne, Australia.

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