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Space & Astronomy

Has Perseverance already scooped up evidence of life on Mars ?

1-29-2024 | 6

Samples collected from Jezero crater may contain fossil evidence of ancient microbial life on the Red Planet.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery 'undisclosed' payload involved in rocket's double-crater crash

11-23-2023 | 1

A new study has concluded that a Chinese rocket that crashed into the Moon in 2022 was carrying a mystery payload.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's Mars rover photographs rock shaped like an avocado

9-17-2023 | 4

The rather unusual object was captured on camera in Jezero Crater by the Perseverance rover earlier this month.

Science & Technology

Is the world's largest asteroid impact crater in New South Wales ?

8-11-2023 | 1

Scientist Andrew Glikson outlines the case for a 520km-wide crater situated deep beneath modern-day Australia.

Science & Technology

Mystery crater could be from relative of dinosaur-killing asteroid

8-27-2022 | 0

An intriguing impact crater on the ocean floor seems to be the same age as the impact that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Space & Astronomy

Rover finds organic molecules on the surface of Mars

 VIDEO  12-17-2021 | 2

NASA's Perseverance rover has discovered organic compounds in rocks and dust on the floor of Jezero Crater.

Science & Technology

Giant hole opens up in Siberian permafrost

 VIDEO  9-4-2020 | 7

A phenomenon that made headlines back in 2014 has resurfaced in the form of a new 164-foot crater in Siberia.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery 'gel' found on far side of the Moon

9-3-2019 | 15

Scientists operating China's Yutu-2 lunar rover have discovered a strange 'shiny gel' inside an impact crater.

Space & Astronomy

Unusual new impact crater discovered on Mars

 VIDEO  6-18-2019 | 6

Photographed by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, the crater is unlike anything scientists have seen before.

Space & Astronomy

Large unknown mass discovered on the Moon

6-11-2019 | 28

Scientists have identified a large, anomalous mass embedded deep beneath the Moon's largest crater.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of black rock found in crater solved

1-19-2019 | 10

Nora and Jean Muchanic had been walking on a New Jersey beach when they came upon something unusual.

Space & Astronomy

Stunning image shows ice-filled crater on Mars

12-21-2018 | 4

This recently released photograph shows the 60km-wide Korolev Crater in Mars' north polar region.

Science & Technology

Huge impact crater discovered in Greenland

 VIDEO  11-15-2018 | 53

For the first time ever, scientists have found an impact crater beneath one of the Earth's continental ice sheets.


Extinction asteroid hit 'worst possible place'

 VIDEO  5-15-2017 | 5

Scientists have been drilling in to the crater left behind by the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Science & Technology

Scientists study Siberia's 'hellmouth' crater

3-1-2017 | 7

Referred to by some as 'Doorway to the Underworld', Siberia's Batagaika Crater is constantly expanding.

Science & Technology

Fresh doubts cast on Tunguska impact theory

1-21-2017 | 22

Russian scientists have found evidence to suggest that the impact crater may predate the event itself.

Science & Technology

Strange 'crater' discovered in Antarctica

12-13-2016 | 65

A large hole in the King Baudoin ice shelf has challenged what we know of the East Antarctic ice sheet.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery surrounds missing craters on Ceres

7-26-2016 | 3

Scientists have been attempting to determine why the dwarf planet Ceres has no large craters at all.

Space & Astronomy

What made the Man in the Moon's right eye ?

7-23-2016 | 2

Researchers in the US have been able to determine the origins of one of the moon's largest craters.

Science & Technology

Siberia crater accompanied by big bang, glow

6-8-2016 | 6

New details have emerged about the mysterious crater which opened up in a remote part of Siberia in 2013.

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