Thursday, March 30, 2023
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The UFO Phenomenon

Strange lights filmed darting across the sky over rural Wisconsin

 VIDEO  12-20-2022 | 16

Several video clips have emerged of a peculiar phenomenon witnessed by multiple people on the same night.

Space & Astronomy

NASA confirms success of DART probe planetary defense test

10-14-2022 | 48

The space agency has confirmed that its recent mission successfully altered the trajectory of the target asteroid.

Nature & Environment

Giant 'Darth Vader' isopod found in Indonesia

8-20-2020 | 5

Researchers in Indonesia have discovered a new species of giant isopod - a bug-like creature the size of a small dog.

World of the Bizarre

Darth Vader enforces lockdown in Philippines

 VIDEO  5-5-2020 | 6

The iconic Sith Lord was spotted patrolling the streets of Manila with a squad of Stormtroopers this week.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Beast of Dartmoor' attacks dog in Cornwall

4-6-2019 | 35

Police in England have discovered the paw prints of a large exotic cat believed to be on the loose in the area.

Space & Astronomy

Asteroid defense mission adds new objectives

1-8-2019 | 1

Two cubesats will be accompanying a joint NASA/ESA mission to slam a test probe in to the side of an asteroid.

Space & Astronomy

Europe withdraws from anti-asteroid mission

9-21-2017 | 4

An upcoming mission designed to test out the deflection of a large asteroid has hit a bit of a snag.

Space & Astronomy

NASA to launch asteroid deflection mission

 VIDEO  7-2-2017 | 8

For the first time ever, an asteroid deflection technique for planetary defense is set to be tested out.

World of the Bizarre

Real-life Darth Vader works at a hospital

 VIDEO  5-5-2017 | 9

A man named after one of the most infamous movie villains of all time works at a hospital in Tennessee.

World of the Bizarre

Man sneezes out toy dart after 44 years

5-13-2015 | 16

A man has sneezed out a toy dart that had been stuck up his nose for more than four decades.

Archaeology & History

4,000-year-old stone circle found on Dartmoor

5-10-2015 | 19

A previously undiscovered stone circle has been unearthed by archaeologists in southern England.

Archaeology & History

Archaeological treasures found on Dartmoor

2-11-2014 | 7

Jewellery, animal pelts and amber beads are among the finds retrieved from a 4,000-year-old tomb.

World of the Bizarre

'Jesus' causes uproar at darts contest

 VIDEO  12-14-2012 | 27

Nathan Grindal got more than be bargained for when he went to watch a darts tournament in Somerset.

The UFO Phenomenon

Silver disk UFO sighted over Nova Scotia

4-29-2012 | 29

A witness has described a silver disk-shaped object gliding across the skies over Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Nature & Environment

Wacky wildlife discovered in Borneo

4-25-2010 | 7

Over 120 new species of animal have been discovered in Borneo including a slug that fires "love darts" at its mate.

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