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Science & Technology

New study discovers how diamonds make their way to the surface

8-1-2023 | 1

Earth Sciences Professor Thomas Gernon takes a look at recent research into the secrets of diamonds.

Space & Astronomy

Searing hot diamond-cored extrasolar world is a veritable 'hell planet'

12-12-2022 | 5

Situated 40 light-years away, this hellish terrestrial world is like nothing found in our own solar system.

Science & Technology

Never-before-seen mineral found trapped inside diamond

11-25-2021 | 2

A diamond that originated deep beneath the planet's surface has been found to contain a new type of mineral.

Science & Technology

Earth was 'primed for life' 2.7 billion years ago

7-6-2021 | 0

An analysis of diamonds from Earth's distant past has revealed the presence of volatile gases crucial for life.

Science & Technology

World's 3rd largest diamond found in Botswana

6-19-2021 | 1

An absolutely enormous 1,098-carat diamond has been unearthed by the Debswana Diamond Company.

World of the Bizarre

Rapper has diamond implanted in his head

2-9-2021 | 35

Rapper Lil Uzi Vert went viral recently after posting images of himself with a rather expensive accessory.

World of the Bizarre

Diamond-encrusted COVID mask sells for $1.5M

 VIDEO  8-11-2020 | 15

A jeweler in Israel has created and sold what is being described as the world's most expensive COVID mask.

Modern Mysteries

The 8 of diamonds has a hidden number

11-22-2018 | 3

Internet users this week were shocked to discover that the card has a secret digit that is hiding in plain sight.

Science & Technology

New mineral discovered inside meteorite

8-1-2018 | 8

The new mineral is reportedly harder than diamond and has a never-before-seen molecular structure.

Science & Technology

A quadrillion tons of diamond discovered

7-17-2018 | 7

Scientists have determined that there is 1,000 times more diamond beneath our feet than previously thought.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery glow is due to spinning nanodiamonds

6-11-2018 | 4

A long-running mystery concerning an unexplained glow in parts of the night sky has finally been solved.

Space & Astronomy

Meteorite filled with diamonds found in Sudan

4-17-2018 | 4

A meteorite that crashed in the Nubian Desert has offered a glimpse of our solar system's earliest days.

Science & Technology

Diamond contains never-before-seen mineral

3-9-2018 | 5

A tiny diamond has been found to contain a type of mineral that has, until now, never been seen in nature.

Space & Astronomy

Solid diamonds rain from the sky on Uranus

8-26-2017 | 6

The gas giant is home to one of the most remarkable weather events found anywhere in the solar system.

The UFO Phenomenon

Diamond-shaped 'UFO' appears over Siberia

 VIDEO  7-9-2017 | 50

Footage allegedly recorded at the time of the sighting has since managed to make its way on to YouTube.

World of the Bizarre

Woman finds a diamond inside her boiled egg

3-22-2017 | 4

Sally Thompson had been tucking in to her breakfast of boiled eggs when she bit in to something hard.

Science & Technology

Man finds 706-carat diamond in Sierra Leone

3-17-2017 | 12

Pastor Emmanuel Momoh discovered the monster-sized diamond while mining in the country's Kono region.

Nature & Environment

Texas home is invaded by 24 rattlesnakes

2-4-2017 | 10

A quiet residential property in Abilene turned out to be home to two dozen diamondback rattlesnakes.

Archaeology & History

500-year-old shipwreck found in the desert

6-8-2016 | 11

Diamond miners have found a shipwreck laden with gold after draining a lagoon on Africa’s Skeleton Coast.

World of the Bizarre

Ridiculously rare violet diamond unearthed

5-4-2016 | 14

An 'impossibly rare' violet diamond has been found within the depths of Australia’s remote Argyle mine.

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