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Science & Technology

Reliable way to induce lucid dreams discovered

9-27-2021 | 16

Researchers have found that a common Alzheimer's drug can help to induce lucid dreaming more reliably.


Lucid dreaming study reports 'alien contact'

7-17-2021 | 16

In a recent experiment, lucid dreaming was used as a tool to enable volunteers to attempt contact with aliens.

Science & Technology

Study achieves communication through dreams

2-20-2021 | 15

Scientists have found that it is possible to achieve real-time communication with a person who is dreaming.

Nature & Environment

Sleeping octopus changes color as it 'dreams'

 VIDEO  3-12-2019 | 23

Intriguing footage of a sleeping octopus has suggested that cephalopods may have some concept of dreaming.

Science & Technology

Scientists unravel how and when people dream

4-20-2017 | 4

Researchers have been working on a new way to identify the parts of the brain responsible for dreaming.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Can remote viewing predict stock prices ?

5-27-2015 | 14

A new experiment is set to test the effectiveness of remote viewing and precognitive dreaming.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Scientists learn how to induce lucid dreaming

5-14-2014 | 35

Influencing the brain through electric scalp stimulation can allow a person to control their own dreams.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Daydreaming can solve complex problems

11-25-2012 | 14

Scientists believe that daydreaming could be the key to helping us solve complex problems.

Science & Technology

Scientists create lucid dreaming mask

5-23-2012 | 25

Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan have built a device that they claim can let you control your dreams.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Is daydreaming good for the mind ?

3-20-2012 | 29

While many view daydreaming as the sign of an idle mind, researchers believe it can be quite productive.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Can we read people's dreams ?

10-29-2011 | 21

Scientists have been able to scan images from the brain of people who are lucid dreaming.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Dreaming is the brain's way of learning

4-23-2010 | 11

New research has boosted the idea that sleep and dreaming can help the brain to learn things.

Science & Technology

Dreams may have physiological role

11-16-2009 | 3

It has long been assumed that the process of dreaming has significant psychological functions but a Harvard psychiatrist...

Metaphysics & Psychology

Dream therapy in psychiatry

8-1-2009 | 1

A European Science Foundation workshop has found that dream therapy could be useful in psychiatric treatment following t...

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