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US military base UFOs could be next-generation Chinese drones

By T.K. Randall
January 24, 2024 · Comment icon 24 comments
Spherical drone designs.
Image Credit: Left: Pheh, Kyi Hla Win, et al. / Right: Flyability
Former UFO chief Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick has offered up a possible explanation for some military UAP sightings.
Dr. Kirkpatrick, who previously headed up the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office at the United States Department of Defense, has suggested that mysterious spherical objects sighted over US military bases along the East Coast could be high-tech Chinese drones.

Witness testimonies have often described these objects as perfectly spherical and silver or metallic in appearance with no discernible means of propulsion.

Interestingly, the idea of a drone resembling a metallic sphere is not that far-fetched.

Pictures posted online (see above left), for instance, show a drone prototype developed by academics in Singapore in 2022 that seems to match the UAP descriptions almost perfectly.
Footage by Swiss-based drone maker Flyability (see video below and image top right above) also demonstrates a similar design, with the drone's mechanisms contained within a spherical gimbal.

The idea behind the design is to provide a buffer of sorts to help the drone avoid damage during collisions with physical objects.

When the entire thing is contained within a spherical external shell, it would appear - for all intents and purposes - like an anomalous, featureless sphere floating eerily around.

Whether or not drones like these explain any of the UAP sightings, however, remains a matter of debate.

Source: Mail Online | Comments (24)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #15 Posted by Hazzard 3 months ago
Cattle mutilations, crops circles and alien implants has to be the absolute worst when it comes to evidence for the ETH.
Comment icon #16 Posted by iAlrakis 3 months ago
If that's next gen then I'm most likely from the future ;-)
Comment icon #17 Posted by qxcontinuum 3 months ago
I own a dji fpv and in manual mode i can fly 120 km/hrs and make 90 degree turns . I now realize that insight a sphere there could be 4 drones arranged in a cross like patern . This way the whole system can made 180 turns and be maneuvered like outside this world. These orbs could have plainly of air vents that won't be seen  Yup its a drone   
Comment icon #18 Posted by ChrLzs 3 months ago
Two things...... 1.  What a pity that no-one here thought of that earlier..      (oh wait, here's someone from 2021: (Who is that guy? - seems to have an ego problem..)   2.  Anything that is out of focus, will tend towards a round blob (or sometimes the shape of the camera's aperture (eg five sided for a 5 blade aperture).  Many FLIR systems (and the human eye) have circular apertures, so their OOF images are round.  That does not of course mean the object is round, nor spherical.
Comment icon #19 Posted by qxcontinuum 3 months ago
this is what a toy can do. More and more so, I am convinced that those uaps and the maneuverability pilots keep mentioning about is nothing more than RC can already do.  
Comment icon #20 Posted by Tatetopa 3 months ago
All of this sounds more like this generation drones rather than next generation drones.
Comment icon #21 Posted by ChrLzs 3 months ago
Coupla things: 1 While impressive, the maneuvers seemed erratic and .. well..  a bit pointless and disorienting.  He needs a choreographer.. 2 Kudos to the photographer for keeping it in shot mostly.  although I think s/he's seen it before. 3 As you said, this was from a toy store..  Imagine what the current military specs ones can do. 4 The maneuvering claims are false, or at the very least NOT supported by any actual data or imagery..  Link available on request.
Comment icon #22 Posted by skyeagle409 3 months ago
Exactly!! And it is amazing that fact is somehow being overlooked.
Comment icon #23 Posted by skyeagle409 3 months ago
 See if those drones can zoom 60 miles in several seconds. After all, that has been officially reported by radar operators. And you will notice that drones have rotors, which is another important point that dismiss drones as UFOs the military has been encountering around the world.
Comment icon #24 Posted by Hazzard 3 months ago
Those radar numbers were laughed out of court a long time ago. Now... do you have anything new we can use, or is this going to be yet another borderline c/p orgy of old debunked nonsens that no one cares about?

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