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Giant half-ton bird lived alongside early man

6-27-2019 | 22

A thigh bone found in a Crimean cave belonged to a huge species of bird that was as heavy as a polar bear.


Human skin found on 2-million-year-old fossil

5-10-2015 | 15

Anthropologists believe that they have identified the oldest samples of human skin ever discovered.


Early humans exhibited a range of sizes

3-30-2015 | 12

Our distant ancestors came in a variety of different shapes and sizes, just like modern humans do today.

The UFO Phenomenon

Was tape used to cover up Apollo 7 UFO ?

1-25-2015 | 26

A peculiar object was recorded high above the Earth by astronauts during an early manned mission.


Earliest known human engraving discovered

12-4-2014 | 29

An engraving found on a fossilized shell is believed to have been made over 430,000 years ago.

Science & Technology

Drinking alcohol dates back 10 million years

12-2-2014 | 21

Our early primate ancestors are likely to have consumed alcohol in the form of fermented fruit.


800,000-year-old human footprints discovered

 VIDEO  2-7-2014 | 34

The earliest known human footprints outside of Africa have been uncovered on England's east coast.


Ancient stone-tipped spears predate humans

11-15-2013 | 32

The world's oldest known throwing spear tips appear to predate the human race by 85,000 years.


Neanderthals out-competed by dogs

5-18-2012 | 18

Early man used dogs to help them compete with the Neanderthals as far back as 32,000 years ago.


Early man travelled the high seas

8-24-2011 | 32

Homo erectus may have travelled across the world's oceans as early as 130,000 years ago.


Did early man originate in Asia ?

6-9-2011 | 48

New evidence suggests homo erectus may have originated in Asia and not Africa as previously thought.

Archaeology & History

Early man used primitive

9-20-2009 | 3

New research has shown that Britain's stone age ancestors were sophisticated engineers and would have used a primitive v...

Archaeology & History

Early man "genetically modified" wild horses

6-12-2009 | 11

A team of German scientists have discovered that early humans would have "genetically modified" wild horses by selective...

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