Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Modern Mysteries

Who owns Shackleton's ship and what will happen to it ?

3-29-2022 | 2

The Endurance might have been found, but its future remains bound in a significant amount of red tape.

Modern Mysteries

Shackleton's ship Endurance has been found at last

 VIDEO  3-9-2022 | 7

The iconic vessel has finally been discovered in the waters off Antarctica some 106 years after it sank.

Modern Mysteries

New expedition will search for Shackleton's ship 100 years after his death

1-6-2022 | 2

An expedition will set out later this year to search for the final resting place of the Endurance.

Modern Mysteries

Will Shackleton's lost ship ever be found?

4-23-2020 | 5

The famed Antarctic explorer's ill-fated vessel Endurance remains lost in the Weddell Sea over 100 years on.

Modern Mysteries

Expedition sets out to locate Shackleton's ship

1-28-2019 | 10

Researchers with the Weddell Sea Expedition are hoping to find the wreckage of Shackleton's vessel Endurance.

Science & Technology

Children are as fit as endurance athletes

4-24-2018 | 1

A new study has revealed that the muscles of children resist fatigue in the same way as those of elite athletes.

Modern Mysteries

Expedition to seek out Shackleton's ship

4-10-2018 | 2

An expedition crew is hoping to search the Antarctic sea floor for Sir Ernest Shackleton's vessel Endurance.

World of the Bizarre

Man is attempting to swim across the Atlantic

 VIDEO  12-2-2016 | 28

British swimmer Ben Hooper has embarked on a seemingly impossible feat of strength and endurance.

World of the Bizarre

86-year-old woman climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

11-9-2015 | 6

In a remarkable feat of old-age endurance, the pensioner reached the summit of Africa's tallest mountain.

Nature & Environment

Do spiders possess 'super powers' ?

10-26-2014 | 22

Compared to humans, spiders are capable of some impressive feats of speed, strength and endurance.

World of the Bizarre

David Blaine undertakes 'electrifying' stunt

10-7-2012 | 41

American illusionist and stuntman David Blaine has started his latest feat of endurance in New York.

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