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86-year-old woman climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

November 9, 2015 | Comment icon 6 comments

The climb represents a challenge even for a young person. Image Credit: GNU FDL 1.2 Muhammad Mahdi Karim
In a remarkable feat of old-age endurance, the pensioner reached the summit of Africa's tallest mountain.
At 86 years of age most people would be trying to take things easy, but for retired teacher Angela Vorobyova, who recently managed to set a new world record by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, old age has proven to be little more than a minor inconvenience.

Along with her 62-year old daughter Vera and a group of fellow climbers, the adventurous octogenarian completed the ascent in good time and suffered no ill-effects from the high altitude.

"I had never thought about turning back," she said. "At an altitude of 4,000 metres, we even danced the tango with our guide. And at 5,000 meters we saw the sunrise. Sunrise above the clouds!"
"I'm walking by foot pretty much usually, and there are no problems with blood pressure. I do exercises every morning and pour cold water over myself. I do not have some special training."

Having completed her epic trek however Angela isn't planning to stop adventuring anytime soon.

"My next planned trip is, of course, to Peru, Machu Picchu," she said. "In addition, I have dream of a cruise from Anadyr - Murmansk, past the Russian islands in the Arctic and the North Pole. "

Source: Siberian Times | Comments (6)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats 7 years ago
33 year old Australian man has trouble getting out of bed in the mornings,
Comment icon #2 Posted by Lilly 7 years ago
I'm 60 *something* and can still get out of bed bright and early....granted the process is a bit slower than 30 years ago.
Comment icon #3 Posted by bubblykiss 7 years ago
Years ago I read a footnote in Toynbee's histories wherein a certain African tribe noticed that every year a white person went to a certain mountain and climbed it. And every year that they did so there was no war or famine that year. One year no white person came and war descended upon all the lands killing untold numbers in the waves of chaotic destruction that washed the land red with blood.....that year was 1914 and that pile of rocks was Kilimanjaro. Toynbee concludes that this is perhaps the best explanation for the start of the first world war he had encountered.
Comment icon #4 Posted by BeastieRunner 7 years ago
Way to go! That's is awesome.
Comment icon #5 Posted by AstralPhae 7 years ago
Wow that is amazing.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Paranormalcy 7 years ago
I climbed a foot ladder and cut a branch off my house. She's got nothing on me, she just did it in a bigger way. What a showoff.

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