Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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New discovery adds weight to possibility of life on Europa

9-24-2023 | 12

Scientists have discovered the presence of one of the most crucial ingredients for life on Jupiter's icy moon.

Space & Astronomy

ESA successfully launches Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer mission 'JUICE'

 VIDEO  4-14-2023 | 13

The spacecraft will explore Europa, Ganymede and Callisto when it finally arrives in orbit around Jupiter in 2031.

Space & Astronomy

NASA wants to send swarms of robots to swim in alien oceans

7-4-2022 | 2

The space agency is looking into the idea of sending robots to swim beneath the icy crusts of Europa and Enceladus.

Space & Astronomy

Liquid pools on Europa could be home to alien life

4-27-2022 | 1

Scientists have discovered evidence that Jupiter's icy moon Europa is home to shallow pools near to its surface.

Space & Astronomy

Dwarf planet Ceres turns out to be ocean world

8-12-2020 | 12

Scientists have determined that Ceres, like Europa and Enceladus, is home to an ocean of liquid water.

Space & Astronomy

Steam-powered bot could explore icy moons

 VIDEO  6-27-2020 | 1

Scientists have conceived of a steam-powered robotic hopper bot that could explore Europa and Enceladus.


Scientist 'almost certain' that Europa hosts life

2-8-2020 | 13

A leading British space scientist maintains that Jupiter's icy moon is very likely to be home to alien organisms.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists have detected water vapor on Europa

11-22-2019 | 8

The water vapor from one of the Jovian moon's elusive plumes has been directly detected for the first time.

Space & Astronomy

Europa Clipper mission gets the go-ahead

 VIDEO  8-20-2019 | 7

An ambitious endeavour to unlock the mysteries of Jupiter's moon Europa is finally moving ahead.

Space & Astronomy

Jupiter's moon Europa is covered in salt

6-14-2019 | 5

Scientists have determined that Europa's ocean may be more like the Earth's oceans than previously thought.

Space & Astronomy

Nuclear 'tunnelbot' could explore Europa

12-17-2018 | 10

NASA has proposed a new mission to delve deep beneath the icy crust of Jupiter's moon Europa.


ET evidence may lie just under Europa's surface

7-24-2018 | 1

The signatures of extraterrestrial life on Jupiter's moon Europa could lie mere centimeters beneath the ice.

Space & Astronomy

New evidence of geysers on Europa discovered

 VIDEO  5-15-2018 | 2

Decades-old data from the Galileo spacecraft has all-but confirmed the presence of geysers on Jupiter's icy moon.

Space & Astronomy

Joint life-seeking Europa mission proposed

4-30-2017 | 2

A new proposal has been put forward to send a spacecraft to look for signs of alien life on Europa.


NASA plans to look for alien life on Europa

2-10-2017 | 12

Scientists are hoping to develop a mission to learn once and for all whether there is life on Europa.

Space & Astronomy

NASA has discovered water plumes on Europa

 VIDEO  9-27-2016 | 33

The find could make it much easier to search for evidence of extraterrestrial life in Europa's oceans.

Space & Astronomy

NASA finds 'evidence of activity' on Europa

9-22-2016 | 23

The space agency is set to hold a press conference on Monday to announce its latest Hubble findings.

Space & Astronomy

ESA scientists set their sights on Europa

 VIDEO  4-20-2016 | 13

An upcoming NASA mission to Jupiter's icy moon is offering ESA a unique opportunity for exploration.

Space & Astronomy

Could comets have sparked life on Europa ?

10-15-2015 | 0

Jupiter's icy moon may have had deliveries of pre-life ingredients thanks to penetrating comet impacts.

Space & Astronomy

Europa mission now one step closer to reality

 VIDEO  6-18-2015 | 7

NASA has announced that it has reached a major new milestone in its upcoming mission to explore Europa.

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