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Space & Astronomy

Earth-like planet more than just 'noise'

3-8-2015 | 19

Scientists have argued that a nearby Earth-like world dismissed as 'noise' is actually a real planet.

Space & Astronomy

'Mirage planets' may complicate hunt for life

2-13-2015 | 0

Some extrasolar planets that appear to be habitable may have lost the capacity to support life long ago.

Space & Astronomy

Average star may have two habitable worlds

2-7-2015 | 32

Scientists in Australia have determined that Earth-like planets are likely to be commonplace.

Space & Astronomy

'Super Saturn' has gigantic ring system

1-30-2015 | 6

Astronomers have found a planet with rings over 200 times larger than those found around Saturn.

Space & Astronomy

Five ancient rocky planets discovered

1-27-2015 | 68

A solar system dating back billions of years points to the likelihood that Earth-sized worlds are common.

Space & Astronomy

New Earth-like extrasolar planet discovered

1-7-2015 | 18

The newly found Kepler 438b is being hailed by astronomers as the most Earth-like world ever found.

Space & Astronomy

Kepler discovers new extrasolar planet

12-21-2014 | 7

NASA's Kepler space telescope has made its first discovery since being crippled by a technical fault.

Space & Astronomy

Twin of Uranus found in distant solar system

10-19-2014 | 12

Astronomers have identified the first ever ice giant planet beyond our own solar system.

Space & Astronomy

Water discovered in exoplanet's atmosphere

9-24-2014 | 13

Astronomers have found signs of water vapor on a planet located around 120 light years from Earth.

Space & Astronomy

Twin planets could boost chance of alien life

8-10-2014 | 8

Extrasolar planets with a companion world tugging at them could remain habitable for much longer.

Space & Astronomy

Exoplanet with longest year discovered

7-22-2014 | 8

Astronomers have identified an extrasolar planet that takes 708 days to complete one orbit of its star.

Space & Astronomy

Are oceans mandatory for life to develop ?

7-21-2014 | 21

A new study has concluded that an exoplanet requires a liquid water ocean in order to sustain life.

Space & Astronomy

New habitable extrasolar planet discovered

6-28-2014 | 40

Located 16 light years away, Gliese 832c has been identified as one of the best places to look for life.

Space & Astronomy

Massive new space telescope planned

6-22-2014 | 25

The successor to the Hubble Space Telescope will be able to observe extrasolar planets like never before.

Space & Astronomy

New way to detect alien life discovered

6-17-2014 | 18

The powerful new model can help detect life on extrasolar planets more effectively than ever before.

Space & Astronomy

Milky Way has 100 million life-giving planets

6-9-2014 | 132

A group of astronomers has estimated the number of habitable planets in our galaxy for the first time.

Space & Astronomy

Huge 'Godzilla of Earths' discovered

6-3-2014 | 35

Astronomers have identified a planet in a distant solar system that is 17 times the mass of the Earth.


Hunt for exoplanet ETs poses new challenge

5-2-2014 | 27

Finding signs of extraterrestrial life on an extrasolar planet is going to be a lot harder than expected.

Space & Astronomy

Kepler discovers most Earth-like exoplanet

4-18-2014 | 24

Astronomers have located an Earth-sized world within the 'Goldilocks zone' of a distant solar system.

Space & Astronomy

Possible exomoon candidate discovered

4-11-2014 | 41

Scientists have identified what could be a natural satellite orbiting a planet in another solar system.

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