Monday, December 4, 2023
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Science & Technology

Insane experiment produces giant foam volcano

 VIDEO  12-21-2019 | 7

YouTuber Nick Uhas recently tried to set a new world record by creating a mountain of 'elephant toothpaste'.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery foam floods street in Chinese city

 VIDEO  5-24-2019 | 2

Pedestrians were left wading through a knee-deep tidal wave of suds after foam started bubbling from manholes.

World of the Bizarre

Bangalore engulfed in mounds of toxic foam

 VIDEO  6-1-2017 | 0

Heavy monsoon rainfall in the southern Indian city has resulted in a nearby lake overflowing with foam.

World of the Bizarre

Tidal wave of foam fills Santa Clara streets

 VIDEO  11-20-2016 | 3

A faulty fire suppression system managed to submerge a large area under a sea of white foam on Friday.

Modern Mysteries

Strange foam fills streets after Japan quake

 VIDEO  4-17-2016 | 18

Residents of Fukuoka were perplexed when a thick layer of foam started to engulf the city's streets.

Science & Technology

'Metal foam' obliterates bullets on impact

 VIDEO  4-7-2016 | 14

A lightweight, porous metallic material could pave the way for extremely effective bulletproof armor.

Modern Mysteries

Piles of foam engulf Moroccan countryside

2-8-2016 | 20

Locals in the Doukkala region were left baffled after the area became covered in mounds of suds.

World of the Bizarre

Woman uses builder's foam on hair by mistake

9-30-2015 | 29

A woman ended up in hospital after accidentally using a can of builder's foam instead of hair mousse.

Science & Technology

World's lightest material unveiled

11-21-2011 | 13

The remarkable new material is 100 times lighter than Styrofoam and consists of 99.99% air.

World of the Bizarre

Woman who eats cushions features on show

1-23-2011 | 21

Featured on 'My Strange Addiction' the 30-year-old has a peculiar taste for foam materials

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