Monday, June 5, 2023
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Loch Ness Monster 'plausible' after fossil discovery

7-27-2022 | 34

The discovery that some plesiosaurs could have lived in freshwater has re-ignited the debate on Nessie.

Nature & Environment

World's largest recorded freshwater fish caught in Cambodia

 VIDEO  6-21-2022 | 6

The gargantuan stingray - which was caught in the Mekong river - has set a new world record.

Nature & Environment

Mysterious lake inexplicably replenishes its freshwater without a source

5-19-2022 | 13

A picturesque lake perched high atop a mountain in Ontario, Canada has a mystery that has yet to be solved.

Science & Technology

Vast freshwater reservoir found under the ocean

6-24-2019 | 14

Scientists have discovered a giant aquifer of freshwater hidden deep beneath the North Atlantic.

Nature & Environment

Snails make decisions using only two neurons

6-4-2016 | 9

The humble freshwater snail manages to engage in complex decision-making using only two brain cells.

Nature & Environment

Brian the 'surfing' spider can walk on water

3-10-2016 | 7

A newly discovered species of spider in Australia spends most of its time hunting in freshwater streams.

Modern Mysteries

Freshwater octopus to blame for lake deaths?

12-23-2013 | 29

An undiscovered species of octopus could be lurking in the depths of Oklahoma's otherwise tranquil lakes.

Science & Technology

Vast undersea freshwater reserves found

12-10-2013 | 14

An international team of scientists has discovered huge quantities of fresh water underneath the ocean.

Science & Technology

Did life really begin in the oceans ?

2-15-2012 | 55

A controversial new theory suggests that life might have actually developed in freshwater ponds.

Science & Technology

Contact with Vostok team 'not lost'

2-6-2012 | 26

The research team have been drilling down in to the waters of an ancient freshwater lake under the ice.

Science & Technology

Arctic Ocean freshwater bulge detected

1-24-2012 | 2

Scientists have detected a huge bulge of fresh water 8000 cubic km in size in the western Arctic Ocean.

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