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World of the Bizarre

Noisy cat achieves new Guinness World Record for loudest purr

 VIDEO  10-22-2023 | 2

14-year-old Bella Spink has a purr so loud that it has been likened to the volume of a boiling kettle.

World of the Bizarre

Israeli farmer grows world's heaviest strawberry

 VIDEO  2-19-2022 | 0

Guinness World Records has officially recognized the gargantuan berry as the heaviest ever recorded.

Science & Technology

Guinness World Records confirms world's tallest woman

 VIDEO  10-20-2021 | 1

Standing at 7ft, 0.7 inches tall, 24-year-old Rumeysa Gelgi is now officially the tallest woman on Earth.

World of the Bizarre

Guinness crowns new world's shortest man

 VIDEO  5-13-2020 | 0

Edward Nino Hernandez of Colombia has been officially recognized as the shortest man on Earth.

World of the Bizarre

Man spends five days sitting on a toilet

 VIDEO  7-16-2019 | 12

Eager to earn his place in the Guinness Book of Records, one Belgian man sat on a toilet for 116 hours.

World of the Bizarre

Man hammers 38 nails using only his head

 VIDEO  2-13-2017 | 19

John 'Hammer Head' Ferraro achieved the ridiculous feat to earn himself a new Guinness World Record.

World of the Bizarre

World's tallest man meets world's shortest

 VIDEO  11-15-2014 | 7

The remarkable meeting of opposite extremes was organized to celebrate Guinness World Records Day.

World of the Bizarre

Meet the world's fastest talking woman

 VIDEO  7-9-2014 | 30

Guinness World Record holder Fran Capo is able to recite up to 11 words every second.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Sir Alec Guinness once witnessed a ghost

2-16-2014 | 21

The legendary award-winning actor detailed his encounter in a recently published letter to his wife.

World of the Bizarre

Great Dane declared world's tallest dog

 VIDEO  9-14-2012 | 27

A Great Dane called Zeus has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest dog ever recorded.

Modern Mysteries

Why do stout bubbles go down ?

5-30-2012 | 10

Why do the bubbles in stout beers such as Guinness sink instead of rising to the surface ?

World of the Bizarre

'Mr Elastic' goes for Guinness world record

3-26-2011 | 3

A man with feet so bendy he can rotate them 120 degrees is aiming for a Guinness World Record.

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