Saturday, October 19, 2019
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US serviceman opens up about Rendlesham

Posted on Monday, 29 July, 2019 | Comment icon 214 comments

What really happened in Rendlesham Forest back in 1980 ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Taras Young
A US veteran who was stationed at RAF Bentwaters has spoken out about the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident.
Sometimes referred to as "Britain's Roswell", the events that took place at a US air base in late December 1980 continue to remain one of the 20th Century's most enduring mysteries.

The strangeness began on December 26th when US servicemen stationed at RAF Woodbridge witnessed an unknown object descending in to the woods. Upon investigating, they encountered a glowing metallic object which seemed to move through the trees as they approached. When they returned the next day, they found three triangular impressions in the ground at the same spot.

On December 28th the object appeared a second time, prompting deputy base commander Lt Col Charles Halt and a group of servicemen to venture out in to the woods to investigate.

What they saw that night would go on to haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Now Michael Smith, who was part of the 81st Airborne Police Squadron at RAF Bentwaters at the time of the incident, has come forward to talk about his own experience.

"A month before the base was put on alert I was called out and I got onto a bunker by one of the gates," he said. "I was having a pee outside when I saw an orange glowing light in the woods."

"It was a reddish ball. It stopped right in front of me - it just stayed there and hovered two feet off the ground and I called for reinforcements I was scared to death."

Could this have been the same object that Halt and his men encountered a few weeks later ?

The search for answers continues.

Source: Sputnik International | Comments (214)

Tags: Rendlesham, UFO

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #205 Posted by stereologist on 11 August, 2019, 19:48
There is no need to show anyone is lying. The burden is on the claimant to support their story. Right here you are again suggesting something exists yet do not provide anything other than innuendo.
Comment icon #206 Posted by Nnicolette on 12 August, 2019, 8:01
Wait when did i say i know it was an alien craft? That's not generally my definition of a flying saucer. Not that I had a camera on my phone back then or like proving something to anybody else is my first thought in a situation like that. i was just watching and talking to the people i was with about it. It's kind of shocking seeing something like that travelling up the river straight towards you there was only a minute between looking down the river to see the planets (several were aligned at the time and there was a bright light) , noticing something was moving upstream fast and then seeing ... [More]
Comment icon #207 Posted by the13bats on 12 August, 2019, 10:14
sorry my bad, its an affliction i get from the forum a good 96% who tell their extraordinary stories  jump to the only explanation is paranormal, supernatural, otherwordly, i guess something in your post caused me to make that jump, yes, im just that jaded. When i hear extraordinary stories i tend to always ask about pictures collaboration evidence etc, and of course proof is seldom there. I do not consider each and every person years back had a camera in their hand but for at least a decade most do, i take lots of mundain pix all day long, helps to remember junk, most get deleted, but i have ... [More]
Comment icon #208 Posted by Trelane on 12 August, 2019, 16:47
Can we please stay on topic with the Rendelsham event? I honestly don't care about the '52 DC event as it holds no credibility over time as most UFO "events" don't. I would like to find out more about this fellow and specifically why he decided to pile onto the is story with the other four who have been talking about it for decades.
Comment icon #209 Posted by Dejarma on 12 August, 2019, 18:31
fair enough, so allow me to put it another way: where do you get everything you know about this subject?- actually, how do you know this subject even exists?
Comment icon #210 Posted by Dejarma on 12 August, 2019, 18:35
have you found anything yet?
Comment icon #211 Posted by Dejarma on 12 August, 2019, 19:01
well this is the point isn't it! how do we know they know anything? security officer Larry Warren jumped on the bandwagon. he was based at Bentwaters at the time. he tells an amazing story. but according to Halt & Penniston, Warren wasn't there! so i'll still stand by my point... cheers
Comment icon #212 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps on 12 August, 2019, 20:58
@Trelane is right, I'm out of the wdc52 stuff in here. Like all ufo threads, it goes nowhere.
Comment icon #213 Posted by Trelane on 12 August, 2019, 23:39
Nothing really. I'm suspecting money if anything.
Comment icon #214 Posted by Dejarma on 13 August, 2019, 0:53
oh for sure. there will always be many seats available on the good ol' bandwagon- easy money

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