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Why did Isaac Newton believe that the world would end in 2060 ?

5-22-2023 | 15

The celebrated physicist revolutionized our understanding of gravity, but he also had a few more 'out there' ideas.

Archaeology & History

Newton's 'heretical' notes on the apocalypse

12-12-2020 | 3

Celebrated physicist Sir Isaac Newton had a keen interest in alchemy, the pyramids and the end of days.

Science & Technology

Scientists create fluid with 'negative mass'

4-18-2017 | 15

Created at Washington State University, the bizarre fluid defies Isaac Newton's Second Law of Motion.

Science & Technology

Isaac Newton science book sells for $3.7M

12-21-2016 | 5

The 300-year-old publication has become the most expensive printed science book ever sold at auction.

Modern Mysteries

Newton's 'Philosopher's Stone' recipe found

3-28-2016 | 1

A 17th-century alchemy manuscript written by Sir Isaac Newton has been found in a private collection.

Space & Astronomy

Piece of Newton's apple tree to fly in to space

5-11-2010 | 23

In tribute to Isaac Newton a piece of the original tree from which an apple fell on his head is being flown in to space.

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