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Modern Mysteries

Military fighter jets intercept mystery balloon high over United States

 VIDEO  2-24-2024 | 34

NORAD has been tracking an unknown high-altitude balloon that was first spotted on Friday.

The UFO Phenomenon

Do these images show a UFO being shot down over the US in early 2023?

1-9-2024 | 13

[Updated] An anonymous submitter has sent us photographs showing an alleged UFO being downed by US fighter jets.

The UFO Phenomenon

Two fighter jets scrambled to intercept UFO near airport in India

11-21-2023 | 10

Passenger flights were grounded while the jets, which were equipped with advanced sensors, were sent to investigate.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon scrambles 3 F-22 jets to intercept UFO over Hawaii

5-2-2023 | 14

An object spotted over the remote Pacific state prompted the US Air Force to send out 3 fighter jets last week.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mystery of downed UFOs over US sparks 'alien invasion' fears

2-13-2023 | 100

Three unidentified objects have now been downed by fighter jets over North America and we still don't know what they are.

Nature & Environment

Scientists outline outrageous plan to refreeze the North and South Poles

9-16-2022 | 28

The controversial plan would involve using a fleet of 125 tanker jets to shroud part of the Earth's atmosphere.

The UFO Phenomenon

F-22s scrambled to intercept mystery 'balloon' off Hawaii

2-19-2022 | 14

The US tactical fighter jets were sent to intercept a suspicious object near Kauai's north shore.

Science & Technology

USAF to fit its fighter jets with laser weapons

11-15-2020 | 4

A number of older fighter jets will be fitted out with defensive laser weapons by the mid 2020s.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon releases new report on 'Tic-Tac UFO'

 VIDEO  5-27-2018 | 72

The document goes in to more detail about a strange object that was pursued by two fighter jets back in 2004.

Science & Technology

'Star Wars' laser weapons on jets by 2020

12-18-2015 | 9

The US Air Force is planning to equip its planes with high-tech laser weapons within only five years.

Science & Technology

DARPA to test out new airborne laser weapon

5-26-2015 | 7

A sophisticated new laser defence system could soon be making its way on to drones and fighter jets.

The UFO Phenomenon

Did fighter jets engage the Phoenix Lights ?

12-14-2014 | 528

New evidence has emerged allegedly proving the military's involvement in the infamous UFO sighting.

The UFO Phenomenon

Fighter jets chase UFO over English village

 VIDEO  3-11-2012 | 42

A King's Lynn resident has filmed not only a UFO but military jets allegedly flying to intercept it.

Nature & Environment

Upwards lightning caught on film

8-25-2009 | 7

Scientists have succeeded in photographing the rare phenomenon of "upwards lightning", also known as "gigantic jets" the...

The UFO Phenomenon

Greek fighters scrambled to intercept UFO

2-13-2009 | 8

Declassified UFO files have revealed an incident in which fighter jets were scrambled to intercept a UFO that was report...

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