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The UFO Phenomenon

Video shows mystery craft at Lockheed facility

 VIDEO  10-2-2021 | 7

The clip shows the body of some futuristic aircraft at Lockheed's Helendale Radar Cross Section Facility.

Science & Technology

Lockheed begins work on new supersonic plane

 VIDEO  11-17-2018 | 8

The futuristic X-59 will be able to travel at supersonic speeds without producing a deafening sonic boom.

Space & Astronomy

Lockheed Martin reveals its new lunar lander

 VIDEO  10-4-2018 | 17

The ambitious new vehicle will be twice the size of the lunar landers used during the Apollo missions.

Space & Astronomy

'Mars Base Camp' plan to include surface lander

 VIDEO  10-1-2017 | 12

Lockheed Martin is aiming to place a space station around Mars and to land astronauts on its surface.

Space & Astronomy

Mars Base Camp mission could launch by 2028

 VIDEO  3-19-2017 | 2

NASA partner Lockheed Martin is planning an ambitious mission to put astronauts into orbit around Mars.

Science & Technology

Lockheed claims fusion energy breakthrough

10-16-2014 | 28

The technology giant has announced that it has developed a miniature 100MW nuclear fusion reactor.

Science & Technology

Lockheed develops huge laser gun weapon

2-5-2014 | 37

The defense contractor has built and demonstrated a working 30-kilowatt laser weapon for military use.

Science & Technology

Military using 'spy rocks' for surveillance

10-28-2013 | 20

Lockheed Martin have showcased a new spying mechanism that is small enough to fit inside a rock.

Science & Technology

Exoskeleton gives soldiers super strength

4-8-2009 | 18

A new battery powered exoskeleton has been developed by Lockheed Martin for US soldiers that will allow a person to carr...

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