Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Doubts raised over alleged 'Bigfoot' spotted on Google Earth

1-30-2023 | 86

The image of an alleged Bigfoot found on Google's satellite mapping service has been dividing opinion this week.

Modern Mysteries

Treasure map release sparks hunt for real-life Nazi gold

1-8-2023 | 7

Treasure hunters will soon be scouring the Dutch countryside for a cache of riches buried by German soldiers during WWII.

Archaeology & History

Map shows evidence of long-lost 'Welsh Atlantis'

8-22-2022 | 5

A legendary lost land once thought to exist in Cardigan Bay has shown up on an old 13-Century map of the British Isles.

Modern Mysteries

15th-Century Vinland Map turns out to be fake

9-19-2021 | 3

Researchers at Yale University have debunked what was thought to be the earliest known map of the New World.

Nature & Environment

Scientists create map of undiscovered life

3-23-2021 | 5

The new map provides a general overview of where undiscovered species may still be waiting to be found.

Science & Technology

Lost continent 'Zealandia' revealed in new maps

6-28-2020 | 4

Geologists have released a series of detailed maps showing a long-lost landmass in the southwest Pacific.

Space & Astronomy

MIT develops asteroid strike 'decision map'

2-22-2020 | 5

Scientists have come up with a way to decide upon the best response to an incoming apocalyptic asteroid.

Science & Technology

Man fools Google Maps using 99 mobile phones

 VIDEO  2-4-2020 | 4

Artist Simon Weckert recently found a mischievous way to create a fake traffic jam on Google's mapping service.

The UFO Phenomenon

Sheen: 'Port Talbot is on some weird alien map'

10-17-2019 | 10

Actor Michael Sheen has described some very strange UFO experiences he's had at his hometown in Wales.

World of the Bizarre

School renamed 'Hell on Earth' on Google Maps

2-5-2019 | 8

A troublesome pupil at a school in England succeeded in changing its name on Google as a prank.

Science & Technology

Relics of lost continents found under Antarctica

 VIDEO  11-11-2018 | 13

Scientists have used satellite data to map out the terrain hidden beneath the ice of the southernmost continent.

Modern Mysteries

Google Earth underwater plane mystery solved

11-8-2018 | 4

Robert Morton had been browsing a satellite map of Edinburgh when he spotted a submerged plane offshore.

Science & Technology

$5bn project to map DNA of all life on Earth

11-2-2018 | 4

Known as The Earth BioGenome Project (EBP), the international endeavour is expected to take ten years.

The UFO Phenomenon

'UFO' found beneath the Bermuda Triangle

8-11-2018 | 33

Explorer Darrell Miklos has discovered a strange object after following a map made by astronaut Gordon Cooper.

Space & Astronomy

Star map update to feature 1.7 billion stars

4-26-2018 | 11

Astronomers from ESA's Gaia mission will tomorrow release the largest map of our galaxy ever created.

Space & Astronomy

China to build nuclear-powered space shuttle

11-17-2017 | 6

The long-term roadmap for China's space program has been revealed by one of its primary contractors.

Archaeology & History

Rare 17th-century map of Australia resurfaces

 VIDEO  11-7-2017 | 13

The incredibly rare map, of which only a few are known to exist, has reappeared after 350 years.

Modern Mysteries

'Phantom islands' plagued historical maps

 VIDEO  7-30-2017 | 16

Until recently, maps and atlases were plagued by non-existent islands, mountain ranges and countries.

Space & Astronomy

ESA reveals most detailed Milky Way map ever

9-15-2016 | 20

The European Space Agency has unveiled a map of our galaxy charting the positions of 1.1 billion stars.

Nature & Environment

Wasps fly backwards to help them get home

2-12-2016 | 6

Sand wasps have been observed flying in reverse to help them create a map of their surroundings.

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