Friday, December 1, 2023
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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Mexican mayor reveals discovery of alleged 'goblin' remains

 VIDEO  4-28-2023 | 6

The so-called 'goblin' was found during construction work and has since been paraded on camera by the mayor himself.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Riegelsville mayor still haunted by Bigfoot encounter

12-3-2021 | 17

Mayor Greg Stokes experienced something while camping in 1984 that would stay with him for the rest of his days.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Video shows guard 'being attacked by a ghost'

 VIDEO  8-6-2021 | 25

A Colombian mayor has posted up a video featuring bizarre footage of an alleged paranormal attack.

World of the Bizarre

America's youngest mayor is seven months old

12-17-2019 | 4

The tuxedo-wearing infant was recently 'elected' to serve as honorary Mayor of Whitehall, Texas.

World of the Bizarre

Goat is elected mayor of town in Vermont

 VIDEO  3-10-2019 | 24

A 3-year-old Nubian goat by the name of Lincoln has been elected by the townspeople of Fair Haven.

World of the Bizarre

Dog is elected mayor for third year in a row

 VIDEO  8-25-2016 | 17

The people of Cormorant, Minnesota have once again voted for a dog called Duke to be their mayor.

World of the Bizarre

Siberian city wants a cat to run for mayor

12-16-2015 | 17

Residents in Barnaul have become so fed up with politicians that they've resorted to voting for a cat.

World of the Bizarre

Mexican mayor marries a crocodile 'princess'

7-10-2014 | 25

Major Joel Vasquez Rojas tied the knot with his betrothed in an elaborate wedding ceremony this week.

Archaeology & History

50 skulls discovered in Aztec temple

10-7-2012 | 2

The discovery at Templo Mayor represents the largest number of skulls to ever be found in one offering.

World of the Bizarre

Dog rescues mayor struck by lightning

10-30-2011 | 16

A faithful dog dragged his owner, the Mayor of Redruth, all the way home after he was hit by lightning.

Archaeology & History

Ancient mayor's 'lost tomb' found in Egypt

6-2-2010 | 4

The long lost tomb of an Egyptian mayor dating back over 3000 years has been unearthed south of Cairo in Egypt.

World of the Bizarre

Mayor sends in troops after alien April Fool

4-6-2010 | 22

The mayor of Jafr in Jordan called in the troops after an April Fool claimed aliens had caused widespread panic.

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