Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Science & Technology

Traditional folk remedies can fuel misinformation, scientists argue

9-5-2023 | 9

Folk remedies have been around for as long as human society, but do they still have a place in the 21st-Century ?

Archaeology & History

Ancient Hippocrates text discovered in Egypt

7-17-2017 | 2

Archaeologists have uncovered new writings by Hippocrates, the famed 'father of Western medicine'.

Science & Technology

New 'living drug' could help treat cancer

2-16-2016 | 15

Clinical trials have shown that engineered 'memory t-cells' can act as a long-term cancer vaccine.

Science & Technology

Scientists invent new 'healthy' chocolate

10-3-2015 | 15

Researchers have developed a type of chocolate that is so healthy that it can be eaten as medicine.

Science & Technology

Centipede venom could lead to new painkiller

10-8-2013 | 4

Centipede venom has been identified as having the potential to provide a number of medicinal benefits.

Science & Technology

Is regenerative medicine possible ?

7-26-2012 | 25

Is it possible for someone who has lost a leg or an arm to effectively regrow the missing limb ?


Neanderthal dental tartar reveals medicine

7-19-2012 | 16

Studies of Neanderthal teeth have revealed some of the earliest known evidence of self-medication.

Science & Technology

Scientists develop method to 'print' drugs

4-18-2012 | 6

The technology could lead to personal medicine dispensers that can be operated from one's own home.

Science & Technology

The end of modern medicine as we know it ?

3-18-2012 | 48

The World Health Organisation has claimed that antibiotic resistant bacteria could cause a global crisis.

Science & Technology

Illustrations reveal old Tibetan medicine

2-1-2011 | 7

Sixty-three illustrations focus on healing of physical diseases by Tibetans.

Science & Technology

Herbal remedies to be banned in Europe

12-31-2010 | 40

The EU is to ban hundreds of herbal medicines from next year due to concerns over adverse effects.

Science & Technology

Homeopathy is Europe's leading alternative medicine

3-4-2010 | 9

A number of surveys have shown that homeopathy is the most popular alternative medicine in Europe.


Stone age medicine more advanced than thought

1-26-2010 | 3

A 7000-year-old skeleton of a man who had undergone an amputation has shed new light on stone age medicine.

Science & Technology

Sea sponge can reprogram resistant bacteria

2-19-2009 | 7

An ocean-dwelling sea sponge has been found to contain a chemical capable of reprogramming antibiotic resistant bacteria...

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