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Science & Technology

New 'living drug' could help treat cancer

2-16-2016 | 15

Clinical trials have shown that engineered 'memory t-cells' can act as a long-term cancer vaccine.

Science & Technology

Human memory capacity is 'ten times larger'

1-22-2016 | 9

Scientists believe that the human brain can remember ten times as much information as previously thought.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Dental patient developed '90-minute memory'

7-10-2015 | 7

A British soldier who went to the dentist in Germany became afflicted with a strange memory condition.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds Polish man with amnesia

4-4-2015 | 4

Authorities have been appealing for assistance after the man walked in to the Polish Embassy in London.

World of the Bizarre

Chinese woman memorizes entire dictionary

3-20-2015 | 26

Li Yanzhi succeeded in memorizing an entire English-Chinese dictionary containing 220,000 words.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Man trapped in 'time loop' for eight years

1-21-2015 | 62

A 23-year-old student has fallen victim to one of the strangest cases of déjà vu ever recorded.

Science & Technology

US scientists discover 'stupidity virus'

11-11-2014 | 52

The virus is believed to attack DNA and can significantly impair a person's intelligence and memory.

Modern Mysteries

Two men go missing for 7 hours in Roswell

9-18-2014 | 39

A driver and his passenger mysteriously vanished for several hours and had no memory of what happened.

Science & Technology

Scientists film how brain makes memories

 VIDEO  1-29-2014 | 8

For the first time ever, researchers have caught on video the process responsible for memory formation.

Science & Technology

Older brains slower due to knowing so much

1-22-2014 | 47

An older person takes longer to remember things because their brain contains so much information.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Can clenching fists improve memory ?

4-27-2013 | 16

A new study has discovered that simply clenching your fists can have a positive effect on memory.

Science & Technology

Can rosemary help you remember things ?

4-16-2013 | 18

A new study has revealed that the scent of rosemary appears to be very good at improving memory.

Space & Astronomy

Curiosity experiences computer glitch

3-6-2013 | 8

The Mars rover has been temporarily suspended due to malfunctions in the primary computer's flash memory.

Science & Technology

Older brain 'too full' for new memories

1-28-2013 | 25

Age-related learning difficulties could be attributed to the fact that we simply run out of memory space.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Expert claims El Chupacabra mystery solved

3-25-2011 | 90

Author Benjamin Radford believes El Chupacabra is but a left-over memory from a science fiction movie.

The UFO Phenomenon

Roswell, Battelle and the memory metal

8-10-2010 | 5

Anthony Bragalia investigates the role of the Battelle Memorial Institute in the infamous Roswell UFO crash.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Scientists find way to block fearful memories

12-14-2009 | 1

Scientists in the US have discovered a means with which to block fearful memories without the use of drugs by showing an...

Metaphysics & Psychology

The man with half a brain

9-26-2009 | 13

A new paper has detailed the study of a man who suffered a rare condition leaving him with a large portion of his brain ...

Science & Technology

Climate change computer is notorious polluter

8-30-2009 | 13

In an ironic twist the £30 million supercomputer used by the Met Office to predict climate change is one of Britain's w...

Science & Technology

Scientists capture image of memories

6-20-2009 | 4

For the first time scientists have managed to capture an actual image of the mechanism of the brain that is crucial to l...

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