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Space & Astronomy

Could there be alien life forms hidden beneath the surface of Mercury ?

12-7-2023 | 1

A groundbreaking new study has indicated that there could be habitable salt glaciers situated beneath the planet's surface.

Space & Astronomy

The planet Mercury is still shrinking, new study finds

10-3-2023 | 1

Planetary scientist David Rothery outlines new research into the continued shrinkage of the closest planet to the Sun.

Space & Astronomy

Could Mercury have once supported life ?

3-25-2020 | 0

According to a new study, the nearest planet to the Sun may have once been a lot more habitable.

Space & Astronomy

Mercury set for rare transit of the Sun tomorrow

 VIDEO  11-10-2019 | 2

This spectacular celestial event, which only happens a few times per century, will be visible for 5.5 hours.

Space & Astronomy

Dust ring discovered in Mercury's orbit

3-17-2019 | 2

A dust ring like that found in the orbits of the Earth and Venus has been found in the orbit of Mercury as well.

Space & Astronomy

Is Venus really the closest planet to Earth ?

 VIDEO  3-15-2019 | 10

In a new study, scientists have worked out that, on average, Mercury is actually closer to us than Venus.

Space & Astronomy

BepiColombo probe is on its way to Mercury

 VIDEO  10-20-2018 | 4

The ambitious new mission will see two satellites placed in to orbit around the closest planet to the Sun.

Science & Technology

U-boat wreck is dubbed 'underwater Chernobyl'

10-15-2018 | 9

With its 60-ton cargo of mercury, the wreckage of U-864 is an environmental disaster waiting to happen.

Space & Astronomy

Three planets to hide behind the Moon today

 VIDEO  9-18-2017 | 1

Venus, Mars and Mercury will all be temporarily disappearing behind the Moon over the next few hours.

Space & Astronomy

Messenger spacecraft smashes in to Mercury

5-1-2015 | 21

After more than a decade in space NASA's Messenger spacecraft has ended its mission with a bang.

Archaeology & History

Liquid mercury found under Mexican pyramid

4-26-2015 | 64

Significant quantities of the metal have been found inside the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent.

Space & Astronomy

'Han Solo' photographed on Mercury

9-20-2013 | 41

NASA's Messenger spacecraft has caught an unusual looking shape on the nearest planet to the sun.

Space & Astronomy

Ice and organic materials found on Mercury

11-30-2012 | 13

NASA's Messenger probe has revealed frozen organic materials on the closest planet to the sun.

Space & Astronomy

'Mickey Mouse' spotted on Mercury

6-18-2012 | 19

Move over Face on Mars - Disney's beloved mascot has been photographed by the Messenger probe.

Space & Astronomy

Rare planetary alignment on Friday 13th

5-12-2011 | 32

In a spectacular event Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter will all line up in the sky this Friday.

Space & Astronomy

Messenger begins Mercury mission

4-6-2011 | 3

The Messenger spacecraft's year-long mission in orbit around the planet Mercury has now begun.

Space & Astronomy

Spacecraft becomes first to orbit Mercury

3-18-2011 | 11

NASA's Messenger spacecraft has successfully become the first ever to orbit the planet Mercury.

Space & Astronomy

Messenger probe performs final Mercury flyby

7-16-2010 | 1

NASA's Messenger probe has revealed intense electromagnetic storms in the planet's magnetic "tail".

Space & Astronomy

NASA probe reveals Mercury's secrets

11-9-2009 | 3

NASA's Messenger spacecraft has returned data revealing several things previously unknown about the nearest planet to th...

Space & Astronomy

Did Earth's moon form around Mercury ?

10-25-2009 | 8

A controversial new theory has been proposed suggesting that our moon didn't form around the Earth but instead formed in...

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