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Modern Mysteries

Is the Mona Lisa's expression happy or sad ?

3-13-2017 | 14

One of the art world's most hotly debated mysteries may have finally been solved after 500 years.

Modern Mysteries

Hidden portrait found beneath the Mona Lisa

 VIDEO  12-10-2015 | 19

French scientist Pascal Cotte has suggested that Da Vinci's masterpiece may not be quite what it seems.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of the Mona Lisa's smile solved

8-20-2015 | 14

Researchers have identified a subtle optical illusion responsible for the painting's enigmatic smile.

Modern Mysteries

Figure found hidden in Da Vinci's Mona Lisa

 VIDEO  5-16-2015 | 37

A controversial new video claims to have cracked an alternative version of the Da Vinci code.

Modern Mysteries

Is the Mona Lisa the world's first 3D image ?

5-6-2014 | 13

Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece is part of a matching pair of paintings that form a 3D image.

Modern Mysteries

'Mona Lisa' skeleton due for DNA testing

8-10-2013 | 14

Researchers are continuing their efforts to find the identity of the women in Da Vinci's famous painting.

Science & Technology

Scientists make world's smallest Mona Lisa

8-7-2013 | 0

Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece has become the subject of a remarkable nanoscopic experiment.

Space & Astronomy

NASA beams Mona Lisa to the Moon

1-19-2013 | 21

Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece has gone further than ever before thanks to a well-timed laser.

Archaeology & History

Mona Lisa's skeleton found ?

7-20-2012 | 29

A complete skeleton discovered beneath a nunnery in Italy could belong to the Mona Lisa herself.

Modern Mysteries

Mona Lisa 'twin' discovered in Spain

2-3-2012 | 10

What was thought to be a copy has turned out to be a unique version by one of Da Vinci's students.

Modern Mysteries

Are there animals hidden in the Mona Lisa ?

12-10-2011 | 15

Artist Ron Piccirillo believes he has uncovered one of the famous painting's many secrets.

Modern Mysteries

Was the Mona Lisa really a man ?

2-4-2011 | 32

Italian researchers have discovered that the Mona Lisa could be Da Vinci's male apprentice.

Modern Mysteries

Mona Lisa landscape mystery solved

1-11-2011 | 3

Historian Carla Glori may have identified the location shown in Da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting.

Modern Mysteries

Mona Lisa's eyes reveal code

12-13-2010 | 49

Art detectives have discovered tiny letters and numbers placed in the eyes of the Mona Lisa.

Modern Mysteries

Mona Lisa's remains 'now in rubbish tip'

10-14-2010 | 20

The remains of the woman who Leonardo painted as the Mona Lisa may have been found 30 years ago.

Science & Technology

Scientists attempt to crack Mona Lisa's smile

7-19-2010 | 7

Scientists are examining the different layers of paint used by Da Vinci in order to try and crack the Mona Lisa's smile.

Modern Mysteries

Mona Lisa "had eyebrows"

11-16-2009 | 11

A French art expert who has analysed Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting the Mona Lisa using a 240 megapixel camera has ...

Science & Technology

Mona Lisa gets animated

8-15-2009 | 11

A team of animators have created an exhibit of animated masterpieces at Beijing's Planning Exhibition Hall. Paintings su...


Did Da Vinci fake the Turin Shroud ?

7-5-2009 | 23

A new study has claimed that Leonardo Da Vinci could have fabricated the Turin Shroud, the technique used to match Da Vi...

Modern Mysteries

Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa' once had eyebrows

5-27-2009 | 81

Through the use of a new sensitive scanning device that allows a painting's past to be revealed it has been discovered t...

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