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Modern Mysteries

Discovery made in hunt for Nazi gold train

8-27-2015 | 93

Officials have hinted at a 'significant find' in the hunt for the lost Nazi gold train in Poland

Modern Mysteries

Lost Nazi gold train discovered in Poland ?

8-19-2015 | 93

Two people in Poland claim to have found a long-lost train carrying a cargo of gold, gems and weapons.

Modern Mysteries

Secret Nazi hideout found in Argentine jungle

 VIDEO  3-24-2015 | 52

Built near the end of World War II, the hideout was intended to act as a refuge for escaping Nazis.

Modern Mysteries

Nazi secret weapons facility discovered

1-3-2015 | 27

An underground World War II complex used to develop nuclear weapons has been unearthed in Austria.

The UFO Phenomenon

Documentary claims to solve Roswell incident

10-16-2014 | 105

A new documentary from Germany claims that the object that crashed near Roswell was built by the Nazis.

Science & Technology

Hitler planned to bring back extinct aurochs

6-16-2014 | 26

Nazi scientists had once planned to use selective breeding to bring an extinct cow species back to life.

Modern Mysteries

Did the Nazis develop a biological weapon ?

2-2-2014 | 6

Recently discovered records suggest that Nazi scientists attempted to use mosquitoes as weapons.

World of the Bizarre

Did the Nazis have a school for talking dogs?

1-9-2014 | 22

Reports suggest that the Nazis attempted to train an army of talking dogs, but just how true is this ?

World of the Bizarre

Nazi giant rabbit breeding program revealed

9-29-2013 | 63

New details have emerged of a bizarre World War II program designed to provide fur for soldiers.

Modern Mysteries

Did Poles break the Nazi Enigma code?

10-10-2012 | 22

Poland are to pass a resolution acknowledging three Poles as the first to break the Engima code.

Modern Mysteries

Hitler secretly planned to invade Ireland

9-27-2012 | 11

A dossier containing secret Nazi plans for an invasion of Ireland is to go under the hammer today.

Modern Mysteries

Baltic anomaly - is it a Nazi secret weapon ?

7-14-2012 | 584

Some scientists believe the anomaly could be a WWII weapon designed to thwart enemy submarines.

Space & Astronomy

Did the Nazis have a space program ?

6-18-2011 | 11

As fans anticipate the release of the film "Iron Sky" we ask was there ever a real Nazi space program ?

World of the Bizarre

Nazis tried to create army of talking dogs

5-27-2011 | 49

Jan Bondeson reveals that in the 1920s the Germans attempted to take advantage of dog intelligence.

The UFO Phenomenon

Did the Nazis have a UFO programme ?

11-18-2010 | 34

Debate has been sparked this week over alleged Nazi UFO development during World War 2.

Modern Mysteries

Amber Room of the Tsars found by treasure hunter ?

1-19-2010 | 10

The priceless Amber Room of the Tsars was looted and hidden by the Nazis in World War 2 but may now have been found again.

Modern Mysteries

Hitler's death brought in to doubt

9-28-2009 | 55

It is now thought that Hitler may not have shot himself in his bunker, a skull fragment believed for many years to be co...

Modern Mysteries

Nazis were close to WWII stealth bomber

7-9-2009 | 14

The Nazis were very close to completing work on an early prototype stealth bomber aircraft towards the end of World War ...

The UFO Phenomenon

The Nazi UFO lie

5-12-2009 | 9

Anthony Bragalia puts forward his views on the Nazi UFOs phenomenon, the concept that the Germans developed and flew a n...

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of the ‘land of twins’

2-26-2009 | 5

The hunt goes on in a small town in Brazil to uncover the reason behind the unusual concentration of twins born in the a...

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