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Archaeology & History

New evidence discovered at alleged resting place of Noah's Ark in Turkey

 VIDEO  10-28-2023 | 10

Scientists have found evidence of human activity dating back to the time of the Biblical vessel.

World of the Bizarre

Huge Noah's Ark replica deemed 'unseaworthy'

6-7-2021 | 9

A giant wooden replica of the biblical vessel has been detained where it is docked in Ipswich, England.

Archaeology & History

3D images of 'Noah's Ark' set to be revealed

11-21-2019 | 34

A Turkish ark-hunter has captured new subterranean images of what he believes to be the real Noah's Ark.

World of the Bizarre

Life-size Noah's Ark replica to sail to Israel

11-30-2018 | 29

Built by Dutch millionaire Johan Huibers, the enormous 2,500-ton vessel is nothing if not impressive.

Science & Technology

Scientists to set up a microbial 'Noah's Ark'

10-5-2018 | 2

The plan would involve preserving the beneficial bacteria found in the guts of people from all across the world.

Science & Technology

New 'Noah's Ark' will store DNA of complex life

4-24-2018 | 0

The ambitious BioGenome Project aims to sequence and store the genomes of more than 1.5 million species.


Real-life Noah's Ark to visit Rio Olympics

 VIDEO  4-29-2016 | 16

A full-size replica of the biblical vessel will be paying a visit to the Olympic Games later this year.

Science & Technology

Russia to build 'Noah's Ark' DNA databank

12-29-2014 | 9

Moscow State University will be storing the DNA of every living creature on the planet.


Could Noah's Ark have really happened ?

4-5-2014 | 287

Scientists have calculated that fitting two of every animal on the ark may have actually been feasible.

Archaeology & History

Was Noah's Ark a 'double-decker coracle' ?

12-16-2013 | 76

Museum expert Irving Finkel believes that the biblical vessel wasn't the shape depicted in most pictures.


Dutchman builds full-size ark replica

7-9-2012 | 35

A carpenter has spent three years and over one million pounds building a full size replica of Noah's Ark.


Creationist 'ark' park angers scientists

12-7-2010 | 59

A $150 million amusement park based on Noah's Ark is going to be developed in Kentucky.

Modern Mysteries

Is recent Noah's Ark claim a hoax ?

5-3-2010 | 25

A former member of the expedition who recently claimed to have found Noah's Ark in Turkey has stated that it was a hoax.


Explorers claim to have discovered Noah's Ark

4-28-2010 | 103

Fundamentalist Christian explorers believe they've found the remains of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat.

Archaeology & History

Relic reveals Noah's ark was circular

1-5-2010 | 51

Newly translated instructions found on an ancient tablet over 3700 years old have revealed that Noah's ark was circular in shape.


Was there really a "Great Flood" ?

8-5-2009 | 8

The story of the 'Great Flood' that lead to Noah building an ark as described in the Bible has intrigued historians and ...

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Analyzing the Patterson-Gimlin film

3-4-2009 | 39

In this article Noah David Henson takes a close look at the famous Roger Patterson footage of an alleged Bigfoot, includ...


Ancient flood may have spurred Noah's Ark

2-14-2009 | 6

A new study suggests that the biblical story of Noah's Ark may have been spurred by a much smaller flood that occured so...

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