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Space & Astronomy

Japan to launch Phobos sample-return mission

2-21-2020 | 0

Japan's space agency has greenlighted an ambitious mission to retrieve a piece of Mars' moon Phobos.

Space & Astronomy

Mars may one day have its own ring system

 VIDEO  11-25-2015 | 6

Phobos, one of the two small moons of Mars, could eventually break apart and encircle the planet.

Space & Astronomy

Mars plan suggests Phobos mission by 2033

5-10-2015 | 7

Astronauts on a manned mission to Mars could first use its moon Phobos as a staging area.

Space & Astronomy

Students develop Mars mission to Phobos

11-16-2013 | 8

A NASA sponsored mission concept aims to send humans to explore Phobos within the next 11 years.

Space & Astronomy

Radiation blamed for Russian probe failure

1-31-2012 | 2

Russian space officials have claimed that cosmic radiation was to blame for the demise of Phobos-Grunt.


Russian probe sparks conspiracy theories

1-23-2012 | 4

Cover-ups and foul play have been suggested as Russia's Phobos-Grunt probe crashes back to Earth.

Space & Astronomy

Phobos-Grunt tracked in orbit

1-8-2012 | 4

The stricken Russian Mars probe has been photographed in the sky by an amateur astronomer.

Space & Astronomy

Phobos-Grunt spacecraft to crash

12-18-2011 | 20

The failed Russian Mars probe is due to crash back down to Earth as early as January next year.

Space & Astronomy

Europe ends calls to stranded Mars probe

12-4-2011 | 5

The odds of a recovery for Russia's Phobos-Grunt Mars probe are looking increasingly bleak.

Space & Astronomy

Failed Mars probe to crash back to Earth

11-14-2011 | 27

The stricken Phobos-Grunt spacecraft is likely to fall back down to Earth as early as next January.

Space & Astronomy

Russian Phobos mission fails

11-9-2011 | 27

Russia's new $170M Phobos-bound spacecraft suffered equipment failure within minutes of lifting off.

Space & Astronomy

Russia to send space probe to Phobos

11-8-2011 | 10

After a 15-year break from space exploration, Russia is sending a spacecraft to Mars' moon Phobos.

Space & Astronomy

Massive blast 'created Mars moon'

9-22-2010 | 4

Scientists have come up with substantial evidence to suggest that Phobos was formed during a catastrophic event.

Space & Astronomy

Could Phobos be hollow ?

3-6-2010 | 14

Scientists have long believed that the Martian moon Phobos could be porous and filled with vast caverns.

Space & Astronomy

Phobos could be next target for manned mission

1-29-2010 | 5

While Mars might still be a little too difficult to reach the tiny moon Phobos could offer the perfect destination for a future mission.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery 'monolith' spotted on Mars

8-5-2009 | 81

Buzz Aldrin recently hinted at the presence of a 'monolith' on Phobos during an interview, now an image taken from NASA'...

Space & Astronomy

Russia details mission to Phobos

5-26-2009 | 8

Russia has detailed plans for an ambitious unmanned mission to Phobos, one of the moons of Mars. The probe will attempt ...

Space & Astronomy

Russia to send life to Phobos in new mission

3-3-2009 | 10

In its first mission to Mars in over 10 years Russia plan to send a probe to one of the martian moons Phobos later this ...

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